Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Simar sends Tara to matka

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar, Suraj and Vivaan seeing Aarav turning into the snake and gets shocked. Suraj asks if you both believe now? Vivaan says I agree that he is not Aarav Bhai, but how to believe that you are Aarav bhai. Suraj asks him to call him Aap and not tum. He then asks him not to say different different while having bhang this holi like last year, and thirdly I will show you. He shows him some signs and tells that this is your propose asan. Vivaan hugs him and says Aarav Bhai. Simar touches his feet. Suraj asks Vivaan to hide in the almira silently. Simar says tomorrow the game will end, this is my promise to you. Simar tells Aarav/Naag that she is very angry on that naag, first he was provoking me against you, and then left the arrangements midway and left. She says I shouldn’t have believed him. Aarav/Naag says its ok. Simar says badimaa called her for the arrangements and asks him to rest. He says ok. Vivaan pours sleeping pills powder in Reema’s milk. Reema drinks it. She thinks to check on Vivaan, but gets drowsy. Vivaan feels sorry. Vivaan, Simar and Suraj come out of house. Simar says we will start our plan tomorrow. They see Aarav/Naag going somewhere.

Simar tells Vivaan that they have to start the plan today itself. She asks Vivaan to go behind Naag/ Aarav, while she will go to Baba’s Ashram with Suraj. Vivaan follows Aarav/Naag and comes to Tara’s cave. He sees Tara and thinks she didn’t die. Aarav tells Tara that Simar herself burnt Aarav into ashes. Tara gets happy. They hear the sound. Aarav says cat is there. Tara says you have to kill her. Aarav says once he gets Simar, he will take the avatar which he wants. She asks about icchamani. Aarav says it is with Reema, she is putting everyone’s blood drops in it, and says if she don’t succeed then she will die today. He says tomorrow the day will be very big and it will happen, which nobody can think. Tara says I will see your victory and Simar’s defeat with my eyes. Aarav leaves. Vivaan says tomorrow is their finale.

Simar and Suraj are in baba’s Ashram. She finds the snake charmer flute and snake box. She tells Suraj that Baba used to say that if anyone meditates then can find the truth. She says I will meditates like baba, and I am sure that he will help me. She lights the havan fire and asks Baba to guide her. She sees Baba’s soul infront of her. She gets happy and greets him. Baba blesses her and says I know you will reach here. He asks her to have courage. Simar says I will not let your sacrifice go waste, and asks him to bless her so that she can expose the imposter and can save her family from him.. She says she is very thankful to him. Baba tells that Naag attacked him suddenly and killed him. He asks her to play the flute and forces him to come out of Aarav’s body, and then once he comes out, you have to caged him in this box, and his evil powers will end, and his magic from others will go. He says then you can put Aarav’s soul back in his body. Simar asks if this can happen. Baba says yes, but he will try to stop you, and will attack you, but you shall not stop. He asks her to weaken his powers first, weak his poison with Amrit, ie, gangajal. Simar thanks him. Suraj asks if you have found something. Simar says yes, we have a chance to defeat that Naag and bring Aarav ji back. Tara thinks she shall go there and check and thinks how can simar gets fooled. She turns and sees Vivaan standing. Vivaan claps and says when you couldn’t succeed, you have to send naag. Tara pushes him. Vivaan gets up and says you have lost from us and will lose again, you and your naag shall be in the cave.

Tara says your wife became bewafa and you got mad. Vivaan says no, you shouldn’t have brought my wife in between, and says I was not alone then and now also. Simar and Suraj come there. Simar picks her nails. Tara says leave my hands. Simar pushes her. Suraj says Oswals are never alone. Simar says I had told you, not to keep an eye on my sasural. Tara pushes Suraj and Vivaan. She says she will kill them all. Simar says you don’t have any power left now and shows her nails, and says your identity will end with these nails. She burns the nails. Suraj brings gangajal and says we shall pour it on her and end her story. Tara feels burning sensation and her soul gets caged in the matka of the banyan tree. Vivaan says Tara is gone. Suraj says we have to send that naag to his right place. Simar says we are together and you will get your body tomorrow, this is my promise to you. Suraj nods his head.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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