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Mohan promises Damini for a fresh start explaining this wedding would surely be with the fullest enjoyment, he explains there would even be drum beaters. Damini in excitement hugs Mohan expressing,” I LOVE YOU’, Kadambari and Ketki are however worried. Mohan looks at them when they turn their face away.

Mohan turns away thinking when Radha accepted, she loves him with all her might, Radha is also crying while returning to Barsana, he is not able to forget how she took care of him. Radha remembers when he explained if there was a Bhagwan then she means the same to him. Radha and Mohan both are not able to forget thinking about each other. Mohan thinks when Radha mentioned how can she make a promise which she cannot fulfill because she must leave at some point in time. Mohan is still weeping not thinking anything else other then the memories of Radha, while she is also weeping in the auto.

Mohan sits in his room, recalling how he pushed Radha out of the house even when she requested him to not do it, he wonders what he has done, he regrets his decision. Mohan notices Kadambari who is standing beside him, he asks what he has done, Kadambari sits down explaining she knows whatever he had to do today was not wrong. Mohan mentions that Radha has done a lot for her without caring for her own life, he explains he took her responsibility but what has he done for her, that he threw her out of the house. Mohan blames himself for being the most horrible person in the world, Kadambari questions how he can be bad when such people don’t even think while doing such heinous things, she is telling the truth because Radha was also not at fault, had she not loved him then nothing of the sort would have happened. Kadambari assures even he took the decision at the difficult moment but was right, he asks if she is saying the truth. Kadambari informs she is proud of him because he fulfilled his responsibility even at the difficult moment and Bhagwan is also on the side of such people. Mohan replies that anyone he loves leaves him first Tulsi and now even her. Kadambari is shocked asking if he has also fallen in love with Radha Mohan replies he is talking about Gungun because she is also angry with him, he is worried if the relations deteriorate once again. Kadambari assures nothing wrong would happen to him. Mohan leaves mentioning he must talk with Gungun.
Kadambari thinks what is going on with the life of Mohan because he is really tensed, she wonders if this marriage is going to ruin the life of Mohan rather than saving it, she vows to not let it happen explaining she has a way to accomplish it.

The auto is moving forward when Tulsi comes to stand in front of it, she using her powers manages to stop the auto by causing a puncture in the tire, Rameshwar asks what has happened when he informs, they cannot move ahead, Dadi wonders they got trapped in such a dense forest.

Tulsi slowly places her hand on the shoulder of Radha, she questions who is beside her, when Tulsi pushes Radha to the corner.

Mohan knocks on the door requesting Gungun to open the door, she replies he ditched her because he assured, he was in their team and then threw Radha out of the house. Mohan requests her to open the door otherwise he is going to sit here and the time of the wedding is going to end, he mentions he does not know about Damini but the Pandit is going to surely kill him. Gungun thinking about it comes up with a plan so she manages to lock Mohan in the room, mentioning that if he does not go downstairs then this marriage will never happen. Mohan thinks even he wants to not move ahead with this marriage. Mohan questions if she is angry that Radha left, Gungun replies she is furious because Radha was thrown out of the house and he did it, Mohan inquires if only Mohan and his daughter are not enough to form a team. Gungun asks who ended the differences between them both. Mohan requests her to open the door. Gungun the unlocks him.

Mohan is about to pick her up but she stops him explaining she gets emotional if she fights with him or ends the differences, Mohan still places her on the bed, explaining he never gets emotional but is just worried otherwise her Grandmother is going to take her away after which she would have to live with those uncles who tried to kill her, she will not have any friend there. Gungun replies just as this house was before Radha came to their lives.

Mohan requests her to let this marriage happen because he is really scared, Gungun mentions he should not get married if he is scared, he replies he does not even have Tulsi with his side nor Radha so she should at least support him. Gungun after thinking for a moment agrees to come by his side, mentioning she will be on his team, both hug each other.

Damini holding the photo of Mohan and herself, exclaims she is glad they both are about to get married today. Kadambari asks if there is love between them both, Damini is shocked so asks her to come inside when Kadambari replies to Radha repeatedly said that Damini just wants to marry him but does not love Mohan. Kadambari explains even she has seen what Damini is capable off because she waited for Mohan even after he was married and she mentions it is the responsibility of Damini to make sure he feels loved after they get married, and if there is even a little bit of tension then Damini must know her name is also Kadambari devi so she can still do a lot of things to her, Damini asks how can she even think like this, Kadambari mentions she has not ended so explains that she is going to become the mother of Gungun and if she cannot be nice to her then should not try to harm her. Damini asks Kadambari if she believed Radha when she said Damini just wants to get married with Mohan. Damini explains she feels hurt because Kadambari suspected her love even when she knows that it is all that she desires, Damini assures she would surely love Mohan and hugs her, Damini thinks she is going to show Kadambari her anger once she gets married.

Radha falls on the ground in the forest, she is standing is really scared and slowly asks who is there and brought her here, she tries to call both her Dadi and father for help. Tulsi slowly places her hand on Radha’s shoulder, but Radha is really scared.

Precap: Radha is really scared in the forest when there are a lot of photos in front of her, she tries to run away but is about to fall when someone helps her with a Mangal Sutur, she is shocked to see Tulsi jee. Tulsi informs that no wife can share her Mangal Sutur with another women but today she is going to share it with Radha, and give the responsibility of both Mohan and Gungun for which Radha has to become the wife of Mohan.

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