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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya bringing Malerao to his Guru ji. Guru ji asks how did you come here with Malerao. She reminds Malerao his mistakes. She asks Guru ji to tell her, how many marks will he give to Malerao if he sees him as the future King of Malwa. She says don’t worry, I m with you. He says 3 out of 10. Ahilya takes Malerao to the village and asks the people to judge him. The people say low marks. Ahilya says Malerao, you think you will become a king, a King becomes a king because of his people, see what the people think of you. The man says 2 marks. She asks the farmer to think of Malerao as the person who tried to burn his house. The man recalls and says 0. Ahilya looks at Malerao.

She says you could just earn 3 marks, do you think you are ready to make a new relationship, are you suitable for marriage. Malerao says I m a prince, you have to permit me else I will burn the palace like I burnt this hut. He goes. Ahilya shouts and stops him. He says you got me here to get me insulted. She asks him to reform if he wants to become capable to marry Mainabai. She goes home and prays. She sees Mainabai. Mainabai plucks some flowers. Malerao gets angry and troubles her. Ahilya looks on.

She is shocked hearing about Malerao’s mischief. Everyone meets for a talk. Malhar says now we shouldn’t delay this discussion, then we should give the shagun to Appa Saheb. She says I want to talk to them first. He asks her to go ahead. She says I do understand that you got the alliance with much happiness, but I want to know why you want to give Mainabai’s hand to Malerao, I mean what do you know about Malerao. Appa Saheb says he is the prince of the Holkar family, he is Malhar’s grandson, he is Khanderao and your son. Ahilya asks is it enough for the marriage, Mainabai has to stay with Malerao, is he suitable for Mainabai, I think they don’t have any match.

She says I don’t know if a mum is able to explain you or not, but we all have to rethink on this proposal. Malhar says Appa saheb and Savitri have come here on my saying, we have friendship and I want to change it into relations by getting Malerao and Mainabai married. Ahilya says I know about your friendship well, sorry, I don’t wish to insult them, but listen to me once, I m also a mum, I also have a daughter, Mainabai is very lovely, but Mainabai won’t get this love and respect after marriage. They get shocked. Malhar asks what are you saying, you are showing that Holkar family doesn’t love the bahus. Ahilya says no, I m the example that Holkar family accepts bahus well. Malhar says you are saying the coming bahu will get insulted here in front of the girl’s family. Ahilya says I m not staining the family, I m questioning my son, marriage is a pure bond, Malerao’s behavior, his habits, Appa Saheb and Savitri can’t be in darkness, its wrong.

Gautama says Ahilya, Malerao is your son. Ahilya says Mainabai is also someone’s daughter. Gautama says Malerao is naughty, but he can change, my Khanderao changed after marriage. Ahilya says if Malerao’s behavior doesn’t change, then… what will we answer Mainabai’s parents. She apologizes to Malhar. She says I didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments, I also have a daughter, I can’t put someone’s future at stake for my son’s marriage. Malerao asks am I so bad. Ahilya says you aren’t so bad, bad things have captured you, my attempt is to make you away from the evil, anger, insulting people, stubbornness, greed, leave all this, I will give Mainabai’s hand to you happily. Malerao says you are making me count my evil, I m not like that, you got habitual to insult me in front of everyone. Malhar stops Malerao. Malerao gets angry and leaves. Appa saheb says I wish to become your Samdhi, but I feel we should also think of Ahilya’s words.

Appa Saheb says Ahilya told a lot about Malerao, how can we give Mainabai’s hand to Malerao now. Gangoba speaks against Ahilya. She looks on.

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