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Parineeti 23rd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gurpreeet and Sukwinder are talking. Sukwinder says Rajiv should have been here today with Pari. Gurpreeet says Rajiv is standing with Pari there. Sukwinder sees that and says its Sanju standing with Neeti. Gurpreet says its Rajiv and Pari. Sukwinder says why are you calling Sanju as Rajiv? Gurpreet says you are confused, lets go and talk to them. Rajiv hears all that and runs from there. Rajiv brings Neeti aside and says I have to practice something. Neeti says what are you doing? he takes her from there. Babli comes to Sukwinder and Gurpreet, they tell her that they are confused about Rajiv and Sanju. Babli thinks she has to stop them, she looks at Monty and tells Gurpreet that I am in love, she takes her from there. Pari thinks thank God it was handled. Sukwinder calls Pari and says I know you are sad that Rajiv is not here with you. Pari says he had work so he had to leave. Sukwinder says your mother is calling Sanju as Rajiv, you should get her checked. Pari nods and leaves.

Rajiv brings Neeti in a corner and hugs her. She says don’t be romantic, Biji might see us. She asks how did he pacify Biji? The flashback shows how Rajiv came to Biji and told her that you shouldn’t have scolded Neeti as she was hurt. Biji says she acts as a third-wheel between you and Pari, she won’t let you both come close which I don’t like. Rajiv says its between 2 people only if they want to be close or not. Biji says it means you and Pari are not close? Rajiv says its not like that, don’t worry about Pari and I. Biji says I just want to see my heir before dying, its my wish but you don’t care. Rajiv says sorry, don’t cry now. He hugs her and says I am sorry for being angry at you. Biji says I just don’t want Neeti between you and Pari. Rajiv asks her to stop it and the flashback ends.

Scene 2
Biji tells the family that we will all take pheras now. Rajiv whispers to Pari how will we take pheras now? Biji asks them to come and take pheras. She leaves. Neeti calls Rajiv so they both there. Neeti is ahead of Rajiv and Pari is behind him as they take pheras. Pari holds Rajiv’s shawl while Rajiv is holding Neeti’s shawl. Sukwinder tells Babli that why is Pari holding Sanju’s shawl, she shouldn’t hold anyone else cloth except her husband. I think Pari doesn’t know so go and tell her. Babli thinks I wish I could expose Rajiv right now. Sukwinder thinks she should go and tell Pari herself. Pari thinks I just Rajiv and Neeti happy. Neeti prays for her happiness with Sanju. Rajiv prays for Pari and Neeti’s happiness. Babli sees Sukwinder going to Pari. She is about to stop her from holding Rajiv’s shawl but Vishal comes there and says Pari lets take pheras. He holds her shawl and start taking pheras so Sukwinder moves away. Gurpreet thinks who is this guy and why is he holding Pari’s shawl?

The pheras are done so Rajiv, Neeti, Pari and Vishal start dancing with others.

Neeti comes to Vishal and says its a pleasant surprise that you are here, you should have come early for Pari. He says I am sorry I couldn’t come early. Neeti says its okay Rajiv but Pari is so happy that you are here. Vishal thinks I am stuck in this mess.

Gurpreet comes to Babli and says who do you love? Babli says I just said it so you would stop arguing with Sukwinder. Gurpreeet says your parents would be happy when you get settled after marriage. Babli says I don’t want to get married and become a housewife. Gurpreet says you will be happily married like Pari, she doesn’t even talk about coming back home which means she is happy with Rajiv. Babli coughs and thinks if she knows the truth then she wouldn’t want any girl to be married.

Vishal tells Neeti that I have to leave now. Neeti says what? he says I have some other meetings. She says you can’t leave before family dinner. She calls Pari and asks her to stop Rajiv. Pari says he might have some important work. Neeti asks if they both fought? you both are not even looking at each other. Vishal says I have work and leaves from there. Neeti looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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