Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Gaura Steals Ganga’s Jewelry?

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rekha ordrs Gaura to steal jewelry from Ganga’s cupboard. Gaura sas she will in the morning. Rekha says she doesn’t trust her and asks her to get cupboard keys right now. Ganga walks in corridor. Rekha pushes Gaura on Ganga’s feet. Ganga asks her to leave her. Rekha tells her to tell that she is taking blessings. Gaura says same. Ganga says her blessings are not a berry on a tree that she shakes her and gets her blessings. Rekha asks her to get the keys from Ganga’s sari pallu soon. Gaura says she didn’t learn to steal. Rekha says as if she is a born thief and asks her to bring scissors and cut the keys from pallu.

Gaura brings scissors and steals keys while Ganga is busy chatting with her guruji. Rekha rejoices. Chanchal walks to Ganga and informs that a girl has come who claims herself as DIL of this house. Ganga asks who is that. Chanchal says she doesn’t know. Rekha thinks only Twinkle can dare to call herself as DIL of this house, she must have come to pay homage to her. Gaura thinks she needs to find out who wants to take her place. Ganga asks Chanchal to go and prepare food. Chanchal calls Gaura for help. Gannga gets angry and warns her to call Gaura as choti malkin and respect her.

Ganga meets Twinkle. Twinkle starts her drama showing her fake concern for Rekha and acts as collapsing. Gaura helps her lie on sofa. Rekha signals Gaura to execute her plan. Gaura enters Ganga’s room and steals jewelry. Som passes by and hearing sound from Ganga’s room walks there. Gaura hides under bed. Twinkle’s drama continues….

Precap: Twinkle holds Som’s hand and says she will always support him. Chanchal informs about it to Gaura and tries to sit on sofa. Gaura stops her and says she is a servant. Twinkle hugs Som.

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