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Scene 1
Veer comes to Akshay’s room and sees him sleeping, he thinks I can’t take any chance.

The doctor meets with Aparajita and tells her that Akshay fainting is not good, did something happen? Aparajita says he was forced to remember things. The doctor says you know that can’t happen as it can kill him. Aparajita tells the doctor that can you come and see Akshay once? He says you will have to wait till I check my patients, she says I can’t wait so the doctor leaves. Aparajita feels restless and thinks why I am feeling stressed? she says I have to keep Akshay away from Mohini to keep him safe but why do I feel so restless?

Veer looks at Akshay and thinks if your memory comes back then you might spill about me so I have to kill you. He starts suffocating him with a pillow. Akshay tries to fight but loses it and becomes lifeless. Veer smirks.

Mohini and Manish talk to their doctor online. He says its not a small thing that he lost his memory so he needs care and patience. Mohini says you mean to say we should be silent and don’t do anything. Manish ends the call. Mohini is angry and says he is useless. Manish says Akshay loved Aparajita but then he left her for you so don’t worry. Mohini says because Akshay didn’t love me, I loved him first and I impressed him, I created space in hife life as I get what I want. Niya hides and hears all that.

Chhavi, Disha and Asha are outside Mohini’s house. They are planning to get the red box when Aparajita calls Chhavi. She asks if Akshay is okay? Chhavi is worried and says yes.. he is okay. Aparajita ends the call and thinks why am I feeling so restless still? Disha tells Chhavi to go and look after Akshay.

Akshay coughs and kicks Veer suddenly, he takes off his eye mask and says who are you? Veer is wearing a mask so Akshay can’t see him. Akshay grabs him and says who are you? They both fight. Chhavi enters the house and thinks Veer must be here to take care of Akshay. Akshay grabs Veer and is about to take off his mask but Veer hits him on the head so Akshay screams in pain. Chhavi hears that and starts to run but trips and falls down. She limps to his room. Veer is about to hit Akshay but hears Chhavi coming there so he runs from there. Chhavi screams papa.. Aparajita brings the doctor home and hears Chhavi screaming for Akshay. She rushes to Akshay and sees him unconscious. Aparajita hugs him tightly while the doctor checks him.

Disha and Asha enter Mohini’s house. They start looking for the safe key.

Niya asks Mohini how did you meet dad 20 years ago? what happened between you both? don’t lie to me. You said there was nothing between dad and Aparajita aunty but I heard you talking to Manish that they loved each other but you trapped dad, you lured him. Disha hears that outside their room. Mohini tells Niya that you are a kid so you won’t understand. Niya says you can’t lie to me anymore. Mohini says fine, I tried luring him because I liked him, I made him fall in love with me because I liked him. The biggest truth is if Akshay and Aparajita loved each other then he wouldn’t have come close to me. My mistake was that I fell in love with him and I did what a girl in love would do. You might not understand it today but when you fall in love then you will realise. Disha and Asha start leaving. Disha’s phone rings so she starts running from there but Mohini comes out of the room and asks what are you doing here? What is this box you are stealing? Disha says this is Dadi’s box so we are taking it. Mohini says you are stealing and showing ego too? I will call the police. Niya stops her and says its their house too so they can’t be stealing anything.

The doctor checks Akshay. Aparajita asks Chhavi where were you and how did this happen? Chhavi cries and calls Asha. She tells them so Asha asks what happened to him? Mohini looks on.

The doctor checks Akshay and says his pulse is normal but we have to get his CT scan done. Mohini and others come there too. Mohini is worried and asks how did this happen? she glares at Aparajita and says this is how you are taking care of him? She cries and asks Akshay to wake up. The doctor asks everyone to leave the room and except Aparajita. He asks Mohini to leave but she says I am his wife so I will stay here, she can’t even take care of him. Aparajita enough, she pulls her back from Akshay and throws her out of the room, she says I told you to not do anything that will harm his health. She locks the door on her face. Akshay murmurs Aparajita’s name and wakes up. She asks what happened to you? Akshay says there was a robber in the house, he attacked me, I tried beating him but I don’t remember. The doctor asks him to rest and leaves. Aparajita thinks I know Veer might have come to attack Akshay.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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