Lag Ja Gale 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Kiran gets furious hearing Sulochana’s plans

Lag Ja Gale 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guy making announcement of Ishani’s dance coming up. Shiv asks Pooja if Ishani dance too. Pooja says yes, sir, Ishani dances well, even you will be surprised. Ishani comes to the stage and starts dancing. Aniket is watching her dance as well. Shiv along with others watch her dance. The song plays….ghar more pardesiya……Sulochana is upset. Ishani ends her dance performance. Aniket is standing back stage and hears Police jeep sound. He goes. Sulochana hears neighbor telling that she came to see Ishani’s dance. She says I have to do something about her. She takes Rachna and Neeti to side. Kiran hears them. Sulochana asks Rachna and Neeti to trap the rich people. She asks Rachna to trap Shiv’s brother, and says then our dreams will be fulfilled. She slips Rachna’s blouse off shoulder and asks her to trap rich guys. Kiran recalls asking Tina not to wear the blouse that way. She thinks a Mother is teaching such things to her daughters.

Sulochana comes to Shiv and makes them meet Rachna and Neeti. Randeep invites Pooja for holi party and says no holiday. Pooja says I will come. Shashi asks Pooja to bring all the family members for holi party. Kiran says no, but Sulochana says we will come on time. Pooja says we will go some other time. Sulochana says they have done so much for us, so we can go. Jagdish asks Sulochana to come as someone is waiting. Randeeps says I like holi. Ishani says it is my favorite festival. Rachna says I will play holi with yash, then realizes what she said and says want to play holi with you all. Kiran says lets go home. Randeep tells Shiv that they will take chocolate paan for everyone. Ishani and Pooja think what have happened?

Shashi comes to Kiran and asks why you didn’t talk to Ishani about marriage. Kiran says she don’t want to talk to her about the marriage. She says she has heard her mother asking her daughters to trap rich guys. She says I am ashamed to say this. Sulochana knocks on the car window and says we will come tomorrow. Kiran asks driver to drive. She comes home and gets disgusted thinking about Sulochana. Shashi asks if you are still thinking about Ishani. Kiran says I am thinking about her sanskari mother. Shashi says Ishani is a good girl. Kiran says daughters are reflection of mother, a mother teaches everything to her daughters. Shashi says Ishani stays with her mama and mami. Kiran says it is more worst. Shashi says we shall test Ishani. Kiran refuses and asks her to search girl for Shiv. She asks her to get the sarees dry clean and return to them, else she might accuse us of theft. Shashi says I feel even now that Ishani is the right girl for Shiv.

Randeep, Shiv and Yash are drinking wine. Randeep asks Yash if he will be gone in just one peg. Yash says only Dhoopars can carry it. He gives compliment to Shiv for the kurta looks. Shiv thanks him and says even you was looking good in saree. Yash says yes, but you was looking good. Shiv says it was baby sleeves. Yash says then also you wore, as Ishani brought it. Shiv says Ishani brought clothes for everyone at a short notice, he appreciates her efforts.

Sulochana thinks today she will show her value to Ishani, and gets angry. Ishani comes there and asks Neeti not to trouble Pooja tai, she has to go early morning. Neeti says I don’t have anything to do. Ishani asks about Rachna. Neeti says she has gone for party. Ishani says I told her to return early. Sulochana comes there and asks her to remove her earrings. She pulls her earrings and rubs her lipstick. Ishani is shocked. Sulochana asks what she was doing, was ruining your respect to trap rich men. She says what do you think that you will become dear one of Dhoopar family. Ishani says why will I? Sulochana says you have your mother’s blood and will show her color. Ishani looks at her. Sulochana says I will pluck your eyes. Ishani says don’t say this. Sulochana says your mother had trapped a guy and the result is illegitimate girl like you. She asks what do you think that you will get married there, they will not let you stand in their house. Pooja comes there. Sulochana says don’t think that you will kick my daughter’s life and will move ahead. Neeti tells that Ishani was sticking to them. Sulochana says she will play such a conspiracy that will oust Ishani.

Yash tells Randeep that Ishani is scared of Shiv. Shiv says no. Randeep says something happens to you, when she is around. Shiv says I had worn the kurta as Maa told that it is Aniket’s favorite festival. Bhupen fixes the deal with a guy and takes 10 lakhs Rs. He thinks he will take away Shiv’s all property from infront of him. Yash says let’s remember Aniket bhai happily, and says lets call Ishani from Bhai’s phone. Shiv says no. Yash calls Ishani. Shiv runs behind him and gets the call. He disconnects the call and asks Randeep to make him understand. Randeep asks why did you cut the call. He says Shiv doesn’t get angry on Mama ji. Shiv calls Bhupen and asks where s he? He then asks how is he? Bhupen says he is fine. He sees Aniket going and gets shocked, as Shiv is on call.

Precap: Pooja tells Ishani that God makes relations, and one day Bappa will sign you. Shiv calls Ishani and asks why you chose maroon kurta for holi, and asks her to use her common sense. Pooja tells Ishani that this is Bappa’s sign. Aniket comes to Kulkarni house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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