Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Prachi coming out of Laali’s house and looks at Ranbir. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Akshay asks Ranbir why she is looking at you. Ranbir says she might want to taunt me and that’s why looking at me. Akshay says if something doesn’t go as she wants then she taunts much, it is her habit. Ranbir says nobody knows her habit better than me and says she taunted me so much since I came out of lock up, didn’t leave any chance to taunt me, and says she does so much chik chik, she is chikchiki. He says he was happy there in jail, she was not there, I have come here for Khushi else I wouldn’t have come. Prachi comes there. Ranbir asks what did you tell Laali, if Khushi is safe? Prachi says after whatever I have done, Laali will not call her boyfriend Balbir to her house for many days. She says she is sure about that. Ranbir asks what did you tell her? Akshay asks if he raised hand on little girl Khushi. Ranbir says yes, I got very angry and….Prachi says he had fought with them. Akshay says if I was on the same place then would have beaten him too. Prachi says nothing will happen, and says I gave a contract of flowers to Laali, for which Khushi will bring flowers to me daily, and will tell me that everything is fine. Ranbir says you talk strange yaar, why Laali will agree? Prachi says I am not your yaar and tells that sometimes people learn from strange talks. Ranbir says I will go. Prachi says Khushi asked me to drop you. Ranbir says I think I shall leave, if I stay here for some more time, then I will be very hurt. Akshay asks what pain? Ranbir says if I stay here, then she will taunt me more and my heart will be hurt, so I will go. Akshay asks shall I drop you? Ranbir says no, and tells that let the taxi driver earn some money, though it is your money. He sits in taxi and goes. Akshay says bye to Prachi and sits in his car. Prachi also sits in his car. Ranbir is going home and thinks of Prachi. Prachi thinks of Ranbir. Akshay thinks of Ranbir telling that she is made for him and is perfect.

Akshay comes home. Ashok asks if you are fine? Akshay says he is very much fine and tells everything whatever Khushi told her. Ashok says why Prachi went to save Ranbir. Akshay says Prachi regards Khushi as her daughter, and that guy Balbir had beaten her up so Ranbir fought with him. He says may be Khushi called Prachi and that’s why she went to help Ranbir. Ashok says it is good that you came to know about this. Akshay says those 5 mins were very bad. He says he will go to sleep and will meet Prachi in dreams. Ashok prays for Akshay.

Ranbir comes to the office, and the employees congrats him for the big project. Ranbir gets happy. The employee/colleague asks him, when they are shifting to new office and says new staff will also come. Ranbir asks why? The colleague says he has done research as the project is big, they need big finance. Ranbir asks them to get back to work and thinks he has to be successful as his family’s happiness and victory is related to it.

A peon collides with Akshay. Akshay scolds him for spoiling his hand and wasting his time. Peon says I will give you tissue. Akshay says if Dad was here, then would have said that 5 crores is wasted. Peon asks what? Akshay asks if I shall waste 10 crores to make you understand and asks him to bring tissue paper. Peon goes. Akshay hears Ranbir talking to Mohit and telling that he has one thing in mind, how to brought big finance as the project has become very big. Akshay asks if you forgot the way to my office. He hugs Ranbir. Ranbir asks so Mr. Akshay Tandon. Akshay says you know my name. Ranbir says I know your name and all your biodata and likes. Akshay says you don’t know about my Dad and says I don’t understand his sayings, he says whatever happens is for good and says he feels his sayings odd, but right. He says it is proved that whatever happened is good, as when Peon collided with me, I scolded him for wasting my time, but then I heard you talking on phone that you need money for project, and says I will finance all your project and asks him to relax. Ranbir says the project has become big, so now you have to give me big office, have to hire more employees, then expenses will increase, computers, electricity bills, their salaries and my work capital will increase. Akshay says nobody will give you so much money in market. Ranbir says yes, and tells that nobody was giving money to me before you, and says the money which I want is not just to start the project, but to keep the project going on and honestly speaking, for the starting 6 months, we have to just invest, no profit and then after 6 months, some profit will come. He says how I will bring more investors for some profit and who will give me money in market. Akshay says you have to mortgaged the property and give surety, otherwise you will not get money. Ranbir says I don’t have anything to mortgaged.

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