Imlie 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Fights With Dacoits

Imlie 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Atharva tells Imlie that he can’t take her dadda’s place, but he promises that he will always support her. Imlie smiles at him and gets emotional. Atahrva wipes her tears of joy and signals her to smile. Sachiyan Mohabbatan Nibhawanga.. song plays in the background. Imlie shows her parents and her childhood photos. Atharva says she was so cute in childhood, what happened to her now. He says she looks more cute now and holds her hand. Satyakam watches them and thinks Imlie is a shadow of Sr Imlie and Atharva is a shadow of aryan; god wrote their fates with tears, but she shouldn’t fill tears in even Imlie and Atharva’s lives and should keep them happy and together always. Temple lamp flickers. Satyakam protects it and prays god to protect Imlie from all evils. Imlie also protects lamp. Atharva supports her. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Imlie walks to Satyakam and asks why he is crying. Satyakam says these are tears of joy seeing his granddaughter happy. Atharva plays music on a clay pot. Imlie says now he should listen to Atharva’s music and forget Imlie mantra. Everyone clap after Atharva ends his music. Atharva says now he digested lassi properly. Manish says he is feeling hungry now. Imlie says she will prepare food for all. Atharva stops her and says today men will cook. Satyakam says he is preparing bajra khichdi. Everyone smile. Atharva asks what is the joke about. Imlie says bajra khichdi takes time to cook. Atharva says men will prepare food today. Devika challenges them. Atharva and his team prepare food with lots of jokergiri. He then asks Shivani to taste food as they prepared it with great difficulty. Shivani says she can’t take a risk. Imlie tastes food and says its good, they all can have it.

After finishing food, Ranas decide to leave. Satyakam thanks them for coming and gives them gifts. Ginni notices steel mug in her gift bag and asks what will she do with it. Imlie says it will help her a lot. He gifts a golden bangle and Sr Imlie’s anklets to Imlie. Imlie gets emotional and wears them. Satyakam suggests them to never look behind and keep progressing in life. Ranas then wave good bye to Satyakam, and Imlie drives tractor away and reaches their cars. Armed goons surround them. Rudra asks what they need. Goons say rich people loot them always, today its their turn. Ranas hand over their jewelry to goons. Goons demand Imlie’s bangle. Imle refuses to give her grandma’s gifted bangle and twists goon’s arm. Atharva beats goons and asks Imlie to take all ladies aside. Goons overpower Atharva.

Imlie asks ladies to throw Satyakam’s gifted steel mugs on goons. They do same. Goons then point gun at ladies. Imlie encourages ladies to throw stones on goons and show their wild side like her wild/jungli Sr Imlie. They throw stones on goons and injure them. Goons get afraid. Imluie then pick their guns and warn them to run away from there. One of the goons runs with jewelry. Imlie throws coconut on him and makes him fall. Goon pleads them to let him go as he just followed on Dhairya’s order. Imlie thinks she heard this name before.

Precap: Dhairya tells Imlie that she took away his job. Imlie says she will prove that even a girl can work in a transport business and Imlie’s daughter Imlie can do anything.

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