Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Chini Marries Atharva?

Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chini kidnaps Rana family and insists to marry Atharva. Atharva says he will never marry her as he doesn’t love her. Chini reminds that he used to love her before and should start loving again. Atharva says loving her was the biggest mistake of his life, he will not marry her at any cost. Chini orders her goons to bring a bride to mandap. Atharva fights with goons, gooons overpower him, he overpowers goons again and trashes them away. Imlie whistles and says she is proud of her hero; he saved himself, but how will he save his family. Atharva sees his family tied with a heavy object hanging over them. Chini says she is enjoying a feeling of being a villain openly for the first time. Devika asks Atharva not to sacrifice his life for them. Chini unveils mandap and says she will marry Atharva right here. Rudra pleads god if there is no one who can save them.

Imlie reaches Bhaskar Times office and asks an employee to track a number for her. Employee says IT guy is on leave. Imlie says her family is in danger and requests to call the IT guy right now. She tries family members’ phone numbers. Chini ties Atharva and asks if he thinks Imlie will come and save him. Family members get Imlie’s calls. Chini orders her goons to take everyone’s phones and throw away their sim cards. IT guy reaches and tries to locate number location. Chini’s goons click selfie in phone trying to remove sim and throw it near holika dahan fire. IT guy tracks location.

Chini drags Atharva to mandap. Rudra asks Chini what will Rupali feel when she learns about Chini’s act. Chini says she will be happy hearing about marriage if she really loves her. Chini tells Atharva that she herself will perform her wedding. She takes pheras taking oath that she will not let anyone come between them and will kill Imlie if she does so. Imlie drives towards location and prays Seeta maiya to stop any untoward event until she reaches there. Chini takes second oath that she will decide where and when he will go and control his life. Chini reaches location and finds holika dahan. An old lady asks her to perform parikrama and seek her wish from god. Imlie prays god and finds Ginni’s phone nearby. She delivers a heavy dialogue to fail Chini’s evil plan and punish her. She gets back in car and thinks where Chini must have taken them.

Chini conintues pheras. Rudra warns her not to do that disaster. Imlie says after 2 pheras, Atharva will be hers and she will complete it at any cost. Imlie drives car thinking she forgave Chini always as she attacked her, but if she attacks Atharva, she will not spare her. She reaches venue before Chini’s last phera. Family get a hope seeing her. Chini tells Imlie that a heavy object is hanging over her fans’ head, shall she kill them all. Goons force Atharva to kneel down. Imlie notices spice boxes near a fan and spreads chili powder in air towards Chini and her goons. She then runs towards falling object towards family.

Precap: Atharva and Imlie remarry with an oath that nobody will come between them. Imlie notices a man and asks who is he.
Man says he is Dhairya.

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