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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu asking Resham pal for which secret mission, he has called her. Resham pal says it is a test for you, how many secrets you can digest. Manohar says I have locked my mouth and says Happu Sir got two lakhs in Gupta’s case. Resham pal asks what? He asks them to light the candle and says I don’t trust you both. He says I want you both to swear that they will catch Johny briganza and will not let anyone know about our mission. They swear. Happu says I will catch him, just as informer messages me. Resham Pal says Johny briganza comes to Munni Bai’s brothel. He says we will go there.

Happu says if we go there, then our wives might leave us. Manohar says he is not afraid like Happu sir and will be in the brothel. Later Happu gets ready and calls Manohar, saying they will grab Janeman just as we get the chance. Rajjo asks who is Janeman. Happu says he was saying something else and tries to distract her. Rajjo says you are sounding strange today. Happu gets manohar’s phone and rejects it. He tells Rajjo that he is going as Manohar’s son is missing. Rajjo asks why you are going wearing such clothes with perfume. Happu asks if you think that I am going to brothel. Rajjo says I didn’t say anything. Happu asks her to understand that he has only one son and his wife is crying. He goes. They come to the brothel. Munni bai welcomes them and asks about them. Manohar says if I begin praising him, then you will kick us out. Munni bai asks if they come there for first time. A guy asks if they have money. Happu says they have much money. A guy comes there and kisses Munni bai’s hand. Happy says his character is doubtful. He tells Manohar that his beard seems to be fake. The guy falls down on Manohar. Resham Pal asks him to call Zohra. Munni Bai says Zohra will not enter without money. Resham Pal says we are the gem valuer. Zohra comes there and greet everyone. She says she will accept card and cash, and QR code is on her hand. Resham Pal says Zohra. Happu asks him to concentrate on work and says janeman will elope. Resham Pal asks Manohar to enquire about the guy who is sitting there. Zohra dances on the song dil mera muft ka…..Resham Pal, Happu, Manohar and the guy dance and give her money. The guy slaps Manohar and Happu. Manohar says the beard is real. Happu says yes.

Beni says where is Chumu lal? Happu asks where is he? Beni says it was his turn to bring the wine today. Manohar’s wife and son come there to give sweets. Rajjo asks if bantu is found. Manohar’s wife no and asks why you are asking. Rajjo says she was confused. Manohar ‘s wife taunts her and goes. Vimlesh asks Rajjo why she was mistaken? Rajjo says she thought Santu as bantu.

Kamlesh comes to deliver pizza to Kat. Kat says she is happy as he is good at something. Malaika comes there and scolds him. Later Happu returns home late night and is about to lie down on the bed. Rajjo wakes up. Happu asks didn’t you sleep? Rajjo says I don’t get sleep without you. She asks if Manohar’s son is found. Happu says they searched a lot and found him at the chaat shop. Rajjo asks if he was giving boiling potato there. He says he went as the boy was lost. Rajjo says you will go to search Manohar’s son wearing such clothes. Happu gets angry and says he is seeing doubt in her eyes. Rajjo says I was worried as Manohar’s son and Hritik were of same age. Happu gets angry and asks her to let him sleep.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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