Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu fires the coach

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu spraying room freshener in his room. Rajjo comes there and rests on the bed, says good night. Happu says I just had paan and you didn’t notice me, and lying on the bed. Rajjo says she is very tired after Janu sir made her play much. Happu says don’t bring him between us. He says he wants to talk to her, and then love her. Rajjo says I would have accepted your offer, but I am tired now. Happu says I will massage you. Just then she gets Janardhan’s call. Happu says don’t pick the call. Rajjo picks the call. He asks her to sleep early and says you are a sports lady. Rajjo says she wants to sleep, but he is not letting her sleep. Happu says he wants to talk to his wife. Janardhan says you shall not sleep here, and asks him to shift to another room. He ends the call. Happu gets upset.

Beni asks Vimlesh what is she saying. He asks I thought if not chirag then moom batti will come. Vimlesh says I will get shapeless if get pregnant. Beni says you are beautiful for me always. Vimlesh says Rajjo got glow on her face since she is playing badminton and says she is thinking to play from tomorrow. Beni asks when Junior Beni will come. Vimlesh says junior Beni will come, but later. She says Janu Sir teaches with so much intensity. Beni asks what about my junior Beni. Vimlesh says she will play and goes to sleep.

Happu and Beni come out of their houses and collide with each other. Happu asks why you didn’t sleep. Beni says I had gone to sleep, but..He tells that he went with her with a request and asked for junior Beni, but she refused. Happu says she might don’t want to bear another Beni like you. Beni says she ate my brain and insisted to play badminton. Happu says Janardhan called and asked my wife to sleep early, and she is lecturing me. Kamlesh says bye Kat. Kat says bye. Happu catches him and slaps him. Kat asks him to leave Kamlesh and says he is not a normal person, and he is the badminton world champion and has won many medals. Happu asks why you didn’t tell before. Kamlesh says he don’t want to show off. Happu asks him to teach badminton to his kids. Kat says it is good idea, everyone will become champion. Kamlesh gets tensed. Happu asks Kamlesh if he will come. Kamlesh says ok.

Rajjo and Vimlesh come to play. Rajjo says where is Janu Sir? Happu says he will not come. Janardhan comes there and asks if she is ready. Rajjo says yes, and says my sister is also ready. Happu says I am not ready and says Kamlesh will give you training, as he is badminton champion. Kamlesh comes there and says kat kat….Janardhan looks at Kamlesh’s physique and says I didn’t hear his name. Beni says he has made the record and nobody knew. Rajjo asks when we are learning from Janu Sir, then why you called him. Kat and Malaika come there. They say Kamlesh is really the champion. Janardhan says we shall compete and whoever wins, will give the coaching. Happu asks Kamlesh not to cut his nose. Kamlesh starts crying and says I am not champion, but useless man. Janardhan says anyone can fool you, to Happu.

Kat says you showed the gold tooth and bangle. Kamlesh says it was of copper, and the photos were morphed. Malaika tears the autograph page. Rajjo says sir was teaching me well. Happu says he was getting closer. Janardhan says I am not type of guy, you are accusing me and says search some other coach. He goes. Rajjo scolds Happu and goes. Vimelesh is angry and goes. Beni goes behind her. Rajjo cries. Happu comes there. Rajjo asks do you think that I am 16 years old girl and will slip. She asks him to trust her. Happu says he couldn’t bear if anyone sees her and says it was out of his control. Rajjo asks do you love me so much. Happu says my blood boils. Rajjo says I was doing this for you, want to be fit and lean for you. She says I love you so much and asks if you love me after 9 kids. Happu apologizes to her. He says her weight doesn’t matter to him, and he loves her anyhow. He says he will play with her whenever he gets free time. Later Happu-Rajjo and Beni-Vimlesh play badminton. Beni tells Happu that they shall accept defeat from them. Happu cheats and wins a round, but Vimlesh and Rajjo wins ultimately.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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