Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu teaches a lesson to Mishra

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu coming to Mishra’s office with Manohar. Mishra says now his apology is not needed. Happu says he haven’t come to apologize. They beat Mishra. Mishra says your wife. Happu asks him not to talk about his wife. He beats him. The kids get happy as water supply starts. Rajjo says this thing is happening due to their Mummy. Happu comes there and says your father can make water come out of stone also. He says I will take bath as I have to go to PS. Rajjo says first I will go. The water connection stops. Rajjo asks Happu to call Mishra. She takes the call and asks why did you cut the connection again. She then asks Happu if he had gone there. Rajjo says Vimlesh and I had gone there to plead and then he started the connection, but you ruined. Happu says he will make the well dugged by water dept. Manohar comes to a lady and tells that she knows about the gold offer. She asks if you will come with me. The lady Soumya says yes. Manohar says you can’t go, as you was about to get kidnapped. Happu kidnaps Soumya. Resham Pal talks to Happu and says well done Happu, but nothing shall happen to her. Mishra comes to the PS. Resham Pal asks who is he? Mishra says I came for a big problem, and tells that someone kidnapped his sister in law Soumya. Resham Pal asks really and says Kidnapper don’t see the mahurat. Mishra says I have just one sister in law. Resham pal says I will not leave the kidnappers, and asks him not to worry, and tells that Happu Singh is an expert in kidnapping cases. Mishra says he is not a good guy. Resham pal says happu is lazy, corrupt, but he is an expert to solve kidnapping case. He asks him to go to Happu’s house and request him to solve the case. He asks who are you? Mishra says you will know.

Mishra comes to Happu’s house and pleads infront of him, for his house respect. Happu says I will search your sister in law, but first start my water connection and electricity, and also of Beni. Mishra calls the concerned depts and asks them to start the water and electricity. Happu touches the water and gets happy. Mishra asks him to search Soumya. Rajjo brings Soumya there. Mishra gets angry for kidnapping his sister in law and says he will stop the connection for a month. Soumya tells Mishra that he has done wrong with them, and says she was happily playing with the kids. Rajjo says we are a family people and haven’t done anything. Soumya makes Mishra realize his mistake. Hritik says Kat’s alliance didn’t happen and we were roaming here and there without water. Mishra apologizes to Happu and hugs him. Happu asks him not to cut the connections again.

Later Rajjo dries her hair with hair dryer. Happu comes there after bath and tells that he is feeling light. He says he shall not fight with any govt officers. Rajjo asks if will stop drinking. Happu says I drink to get rid of all day’s tiredness. Rajjo says she wants to dance with him in rain water. Happu says we shall not waste water, and says we have yearned for the drop of water. Kamlesh comes to Kat and asks if water came. Kat says yes. Kamlesh brings chocolate for her and says you are freed from alliance. He says Canada is like a fridge and you would have feel what you are doing in fridge. She asks what she shall do in her life. Kamlesh asks her to chill first and think. Kat asks him to say. Kamlesh says she can become a professional housewife. Kat gets irritated from him and asks him to go. Kamlesh says happy holi.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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