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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode Hitesh taunting Bhim Rao for his stubbornness. They could have brought water from another chawl by now. Ramji questions him for not doing so. Janardan and Joku are here to show their support, but nobody cares. Bhim Rao high values their support here. Hitesh questions, the value is worthless because they have been sitting here since morning, thirsty and hungry. Supporting Bhim Rao right now is getting anyone anywhere. David asks Bhim Rao to accept his wish, become his servant and release everyone from this. David is tired. Bhim Rao questions David’s tiredness because its only been a day, they have been fighting similar war since forever. He assures Hitesh that the dawn will come with a new day and new hope. Joshi taunts Bhim Rao as the new day will prove victorious to him only. He will make sure that Bhim Rao and his chawl member don’t get a drop of water. Bhim Rao leaves.

Rama goes to Bhim Rao and asks him what to do. Bhim Rao is clueless, he can not prolong this war, everyone is hungry and tired. Rama questions. Bhim Rao has only one solution left, that is to work for David.

Varchand taunts Ramji for having a son like Bhim Rao. Varchand would have beaten his son for such stubbornness. Lakshmi considers this the reason for Varchand not being Bhim Rao’s father. The men in opposition call Bhim Rao’s family members for being talkative. Deepak clarifies that everyone having brains in the chawl speaks for the right. Hitesh questions, asking he isn’t intelligent. Mohan assures that Hitesh has all the brains in this matter.

Rama stops Bhim Rao from doing so because it will go against everything they are fighting for right now. Bhim Rao leaves. Varchand wants Joshi to follow him. Rama informs everyone that Bhim Rao has agreed to work for David. the chawl members were in shock while the opposition celebrates. Ramji wants to talk to Bhim Rao, but Rama stops him. Bhim Rao will spend the entire night to prepare himself for what coming ahead. Shoba wonders because everyone is fighting for him since morning.

David asks everyone to wait till morning until they get Bhim Rao’s official signature on the appointment letter, than everyone will be given the water.

Jijabai serves tea. Anand refuses to have this tea. Jijabai is fulfilling her responsibilities only, she asks Anand for dinner as well. Meera asks Jijabai to worry about her husband. She wished to have this tea with them but is okay otherwise. Hitesh comes in asking Jijabai for that tea. He informs everyone that Bhim Rao left the battle field last night, Rama told everyone that he will prepare himself to work for David. Jijabai is delighted to hear about Bhim Rao’ defeat. Hitesh asks Anand to call Bhim Rao.

Everyone waits for Bhim Rao to return. David wonders why Bhim Rao isn’t coming. Joshi asks her to be patient. Varchand explains that anyone getting a servant like Bhim Rao can not show patience. Bhim Rao arrives. Joshi hands him to appointment letter to sign it. Joshi taunts him for feeling upset, Bhim Rao was born to serve the superior and that’s what he will do.
Hitesh is shocked to know that Bhim Rao never came back home. Anand laughs, he explains that Bhim Rao found a solution in the night he spent out. Hitesh runs back to the scene. Meera laughs at Jijabai asking her to enjoy the remaining tea. Bhim Rao has always told that every issue has its own solution.

David questions Bhim Rao for not taking the paper. Joshi asks David to throw the pen and paper, Bhim Rao is not adopted of receiving letter by hand. David throws the paper. Bhim Rao has also brought a paper for David; he hands him the paper. Rama explains how Bhim Rao planned to misinform everyone about agreeing to become David’s servant. Ramji sensed something else brewing, so he sided with Rama to make everyone relax. Joshi asks David to throw the paper away. David can not to do, the Maharaja has directly talked to higher British authority to not intervene in Bhim Rao’s education who studies on their scholarship. David can not deny these orders for his job’s sake.


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