Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nandu cries for Malo.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shishupal will only give Malo alcohol if Bhim Rao asks him to. Malo begs Bhim Rao to do so. Hitesh, joku and Janardan were asked by Shishupal to bring alcohol and drink in front of Bhim Rao. They bring alcohol and drink it in front of Malo. Janardan teases Malo to have some. Rama covers her nose. Malo begs Bhim Rao to get him alcohol, he would die otherwise. Shishupal asks Bhim Rao to have some mercy over his friend. Malo makes Bhim Rao swear on his friendship. Hitesh mocks that alcohol is necessary evil. Shishupal reminds everyone about his challenge if his knowledge is superior than alcohol. Bhim Rao steps forward, Ramji stops him from letting his guard down in front of alcohol. Bhim Rao moves towards Shishupal. Shishupal offers him the pot, give it to Malo while accepting his defeat. Rama questions. Mal asks Rama to be quiet. Bhim Rao is his support; he understands his pain. Bhim Rao takes the pot. Everyone laughs, Jijabai taunts him for kneeling in front of alcohol. Bhim Rao brings the alcohol to Malo. He opens the lid than offers it to Malo, but break the pot in front of him. Shishupal questions him for it. Bhim Rao has done no one any damage; he has broken the pot to save someone. Malo wants alcohol. Bhim Rao assures that he will not let Malo drink alcohol, Shisupal needs to stick to his condition of not offering Malo alcohol until Bhim Rao asks for it. Shishupal agrees but in anger, asks Bhim Rao to see his friend suffer in pain. Malo is determined not to listen to anyone, he will run away at night.
Ramji tells Jijabai that like she has never been able to change Bhim Rao, similarly no one else can as well. Bhim Rao asks chawl member drinking alcohol to take their drinks inside. Hitesh questions, Bhim Rao yells at them to go inside. Joku refuse. Anand gets frustrated, he breaks their pots. A fight starts, Ramji stops Hitesh, he sends everyone inside. Bhim Rao will stay outside with Malo. Malo thinks that he will die without alcohol. Bhim Rao feeds him medicine, Malo had enough and refuse to take any medicine.

Nandu begs Malo to take the medicine. Malo shuts him, Nandu doesn’t care about Malo. He asks Nandu to request Bhim Rao to make bring him alcohol. Nandu yells at him, he has never been Malo’s enemy. Malo was just like Bhim Rao but changed things for himself. Nandu left in anger for being accused of Malo’s condition. Bhim Rao asks Malo to take the medicine. Malo only wants alcohol.
Nandu cries thinking about Malo’s word for conspiring him someone who hate Malo. Nandu loves Malo, he was wrong to leave chawl. He is an alcoholic for his own mistakes. Nandu was never wrong, after their parent’s death Nandu treated Malo like a son. He wished to see him grow and be happy, did everything for it.

Shoba cook’s meal while Meera recalls Jijabai and Shoba’s incident. Shoba brings Meera dinner. Meera wonders if Ramji has eaten. He wants to feed Ramji. Shoba warns, it will result in another fight. Meera wants to teach Jijabai a lesson. Shoba will do that. Meera refuse, he needs to put an end to Jijabai before she ruins her brother’s house. Meera leaves with Deepak.

Jijabai cooks Ramji’s favorite meal. She is ready to listen to all the taunts but make sure to drag everyone out of this housie like Meera. She cannot do that to Ramji. Jijabai prepares him a plate. Meera brings food to Ramji. Jijabai stands there with her plate as well.

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