Durga Aur Charu 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anirban expresses his love for Charu

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Scene 1
Abhirup says Anirban did it. I will show him who I am. His lawyer stops him as it’s a public place. Durga comes and says Anirban you did it? He says congratulations. Durga says your dad will be mad. He says I can’t see the people close to my heart losing. The villagers congratulate them. Charu says it’s our home too. We saved our home. They invite them to the whole event. Anirban says I want to win your heart Charu even if I’ve to lose my dad. I love you. He looks at Charu and smiles. Durga says where did Anirban go? Charu says I hope he’s happy.

Abhirup slaps and hits Anirban. He says why did you do this. Savitra asks Biswa to stop Abhirup. Biswa deserves it. Dadi says why did you do this? Abhirup says why did you shame your dad in front of everyone? Anirban says because of love. Latika says, love? He says yes to Charu’s love.I love her. The land belonged to the people in the village. It should remain with them legally. Abhirup says this loser is teaching me law now. You forgot that girl’s worth. She’s dirt. Our servants have more respect than her. Abhirup says stop it, please. I love her and I can’t tolerate her disrespect. Rashi stops him. Dadi says wait who is that girl? Latika says the same orphan girl who killed her dad. Biswa says the one who came to steal from our house. Anirban says he’s innocent. Abhirup says she’s dirt. She doesn’t even know her dirty blood. Anirban says enough. Abhirup slaps him. Abhirup says don’t take her name again. Anirban says I will. I love her and I can die for her. You can kill me. I craved and cried for your love every day. Today I want to live for my won love. I am tied to her with my soul. Savitri says don’t say that. Dadi says we have to take the proposal for Durga today and get him married. Anirban says no. I love Charu. I will tell Durga as well.

Abhirup puts a gun on him and says I can kill you for my dignity and respect. You should marry Charu and I won’t be alive to see it. He puts the gun on his own head. Anirban says don’t say that. Abhirup says tell me will you marry Durga or kill your dad and marry Charu. Anirban says I love Charu baba, please. Abhirup says okay then I will kill myself. He pulls the trigger. Anirvan says don’t do that. I am ready to marry Durga. Abhirup asks Savitri to prepare to go to Binoy Chaudhary’s for Durga’s proposal.

Scene 2
Durga says I should tell Charu I love Anirban and he loves me too. They both say to each other Anirban. Durga asks what happened. Charu says you tell first. Durga says you first. Charu says I am worried for Anirban. His dad must have been ruthless to him. Abhirup comes to the house with his family. Durga and Charu are shocked. Charu says do you want to take our land too now? Hee says I came here to Binoy to ask for the most precious thing. Your daughter Durga. She’s won our son Anirban’s heart. Charu asks Durga what are they saying. Abhirup says when we found out we had to come here for Durga’s proposal. Charu takes Durga inside. Chumki says I can’t let Durga marry Anirban. Durga says to Charu this is what I was gonna tell you, Anirban loves me.

Anirban says to dadi Durga is just a friend to me. I said I love you to her because of baba. I only love Charu. Dadi says listen to what your dad says. Charu can’t be part of this house. She is dirt. Latika comes to Anirban. She says what happened today shouldn’t have. I see your love for Charu. Anirban says I love Charu. How can I marry Durga? Can he for once think as a father? Latika says I will speak to your dad. Don’t worry I will convince him to let you marry Charu.

Charu says how did Abhirup agree? He is full of ego. Durga tells him all the things. Charu says you’re telling me now? Durga says I am sure Anirba convinced him.

Episode ends

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