Doosri Maa 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Doosri Maa 16th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma scolding Krishna calling him Servant and asks him to stay far and wait for them standing there. Mahua scolds him asking him to get out. Arvind looks at her upset. Yashoda hugs Aastha. Aastha says I will be fine, Mummy. Yashoda cries and says you will be fine. Nupur and Aastha cry. Aastha says if Papa is found. Yashoda recalls everything and says no. Aastha asks if nothing is found. Yashoda nods no. Aastha cries. Kamini gets happy. Arvind calls Yashoda and says even after getting the photo published in newspaper, he couldn’t be found. Yashoda nods no. Nupur says you should have sung his song. Yashoda says I couldn’t reach him. Nupur asks when he will come? Yashoda hugs her and says your Papa will come. She says he can’t stay away from his angels, and will return. She says he has to return. Krishna says you have to return Ashok Gupta, until you don’t come, I have to stay there, where I don’t want to live, where I have no place for myself. He says you have to return to answer to me so that I can leave this house for forever. Yashoda comes there and asks Krishna why you are sitting alone here. Krishna says just like that, says this world is small and the people meet one day. Yashoda asks him to say the truth and asks him to say. Krishna says badi malkin asked me to stay away from everyone, and sit far. Yashoda keeps hand on his head. He gets teary eyes. She says I didn’t tell anyone that Ashok ji came to know about us and asks him not to say. Krishna says ok. Kamini hears them and thinks it is good that Bhai didn’t meet them, it means he will not return, it is time for next step, and it is my lovely Amma.

Amma thinks of neighbor’s taunt. Babu ji says I know that woman said right, and says I also talked to you about it, it is good to love bahu and support her, but it is your responsibility to take care of house, even if you have to take any extreme step. Kamini says babu ji is saying right, if you don’t take any step now, then people will say that you are responsible for the Gupta family destruction, as you stay silent seeing Yashoda’s moves. She says Yashoda was talking to Krishna and she doesn’t do take any effort to call her husband back. She asks her to make her bahu feel the pain which she is feeling now, so that she sacrifices love for Krishna and take care of her daughters.

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