Doosri Maa 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Doosri Maa 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahua shouting Aastha’s name. Arvind, Amma and Babu ji come there. Arvind lifts Aastha and runs to take her to hospital. Kamini laughs and says plan is successful. She appreciates her plan and thinks she shall make a call to Yashoda and inform her. She leaves the oil bowl there itself. A guy looks at Ashok, and then looks at the newspaper. Ashok sees him seeing the newspaper and him. Kamini calls yashoda and tells her that Aastha has fallen down the stairs. Yashoda sits shocked and asks if she got hurt. Kamini says she is hurt, everyone took her to hospital and asks her to come there fast. Yashoda asks how is she? Kamini says she is badly hurt, only doctor can say now. She ends the call. Yashoda says she will call Amma and babu ji. Krishna says they must be on the way to hospital, don’t call. The guy calls yashoda and tells her that her husband is going from there. yashoda asks where and tells that they are coming. The family members rush Aastha to hospital. Kamini says Aastha will be fine, but you have to return Yashoda. She appreciates her plan again.

She calls Bansal and tells him everything. She asks him to come to hospital. He says he is going somewhere and can’t come. She says she will handle and gets happy boosting about herself. She comes to hospital and cries. She tells that she had gone to take medicine for Nupur. Mahua asks her not to cry and tells that Aastha will be fine. A neighbor asks Amma not to worry and says Aastha will be fine. Ashok comes to Mandal baba’s place and asks where is he? He says he wants diksha today itself, as everyone is searching him, once he takes sanyas, he can take anyone. The sanyasi says Mandal baba left.

The doctor asks Amma where is the girl’s mother. Amma says she is not here. Arvind asks if there is any problem. Doctor says she is in shock and is taking her mother’s name. Kamini asks Amma to call Yashoda. Amma calls Yashoda and asks her to come home fast. Yashoda asks how is Aastha? Amma says she is not fine. Yashoda says she has to search Ashok ji. Amma says Doctor told that you shall be here else anything can happen. Kamini takes the call and says Aastha needs you more, and asks her to come. She says we can search Bhai later, if anything happens to Aastha here, then there will be pain of lifetime. She ends the call. Yashoda is worried. Krishna says we shall go. Yashoda says Ashok ji will be found, and says if we go leaving the hope to find him, then. She says one side is daughter and other side is husband, what to do? Krishna says even he might have known that we have come for him, he came near us, stole photo and left, truth is that, he don’t want to meet us, and says even if we find him then also we can’t convince him to return. He says if he had to come then he will come by himself. He says badi baby can’t stay without you. Yashoda says nothing will happen to her. She prays to Ganga and says I am leaving my husband here, send him home as soon as possible. She says my heart, body and soul will wait for him.

The sanyasi tells Ashok that Mandal baba has to go to Mathura Ashram as something happened, and says God will decide when you will become sanyasi. Ashok asks what to do, all the city is searching me. Sanyasi asks him to run and says you will get sanyas by running away from the world.

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