Doosri Maa 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashok steals his photo frame from Yashoda

Doosri Maa 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode with Ashok running seeing yashoda and Krishna. Amma asks Aastha and Nupur to have food. Nupur refuses. Amma asks how you will fight with your father if you don’t have food. Aastha says if Papa don’t return. Kamini says what you are saying, you both are brave like tiger. She says Krishna and your Mummy went to bring your Papa, he will come soon. She asks them not to worry. Aastha says Mummy didn’t find Papa till now, if he don’t return then/ Amma asks her not to talk inauspicious thing. Kamini says until your Papa returns, you have to stay without him, like Krishna. Aastha says we don’t want to live like him. Kamini says this is happening because of your Mummy. Aastha says if Papa doesn’t return, then I will leave the house too. Ashok is walking still. Aastha says if Mummy returns without Papa, then see what I will do. Ashok hears Krishna asking Yashoda to have strength as he is applying ointment on her foot. Ashok smiles seeing Krishna taking care of Yashoda. Yashoda says I have so much pain, and I don’t deserve this, I thought him good and he lied to me all these years. She says he lied to me, and then when the time came to face the truth, he ran off. She says even I want my husband to answer me, like you wants your father to answer. She says we have to search him and take him home. Krishna says then I will ask him about me and my mother, and then I will leave you all with the answers. Yashoda asks where you will go. Krishna says don’t know, but I will not stay with you all. He says that man stayed away from me for many years, now I will stay away from him, far away from him.Yashoda asks how can I stay without you, how Aastha and Nupur will live?

Krishna says even I don’t know how I will live, but we don’t have any other way out. Ashok hears them and gets hurt. He goes from there and sees his innerself asking him to see his sin pot. Ashok says I always shut your mouth and did what I wanted, and see where I am standing. He says today I am hearing my wife and son talking secretly. His innerself tells Ashok that he is not Ashok ji infront of Yashoda, and now he is stained. He asks how you will answer her, if your relation will become like before. He says Krishna…what about his questions, he has so much anger for you. Ashok says he can’t face them.

He asks him to think what he will do, and says just now you heard Krishna saying that he will leave the house. He says even if you don’t return, Yashoda will keep him nicely at home, their relation will be stronger with time. He says if you return, then they will be distanced, and if you don’t go, then they will be connected by their same pain. He asks him to take sanyas for everyone’s betterment. His innerself asks him to go and pick his photo from Yashoda ji. Ashok asks what will happen if I take the photo from her. His innerself tells that it is yet to be seen if you could separate yourself from them. Yashoda says she is fine now. Krishna says he will bring medicine for her and asks her to be there. yashoda looks at Ashok’s photo and keeps it down. Ashok comes there and looks at Yashoda. Hamari adhuri kahani plays….He sees Krishna coming there. He steals the photo frame and runs away from there. Krishna comes to Yashoda and asks her to have medicine. Yashoda finds the frame missing and asks Krishna to check. Krishna runs insearch of the photo frame. Yashoda also searches it. She comes to Krishna. The constable sees Ashok holding his photo frame and tells Inspector. Inspector says what is he doing with his photo frame. Ashok says I don’t have the right to stay with you all, and apologizes to Yashoda for this also. He throws the photo frame in the water and turns to see Inspector and constable standing.

Precap: Yashoda gets a call from PS, Inspector tells her that his team saw her husband, he took his photo. Krishna says he is a coward and don’t want to meet us. Yashoda slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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