Dheere Dheere Se 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Aanchal fights for their rights

Dheere Dheere Se 9th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhawna telling Aanchal that if they go back then her Tau ji will throw them again. Aanchal says we will fight in court again and again, and will not let our fight incomplete. She says we have to get barsati anyhow. She picks their stuff and walks holding Bhawna’s hand. Brij Mohan tells that such things happen when man is not at home. He says she will understand what is shelter when she have the street dust, why she provoked my son against me. Savita says Bhawna shouldn’t have done this, but you shouldn’t have thrown her this way. Swati tells that she was doubtful on her character. Gaurav comes there and tells that his clients want Raghav to fight the case. Brij says its ok, the case will be fought by our company.

Raghav reaches Ujjain and wishes to see Bhawna shifting to her barsati. Aanchal is coming with Bhawna. The neighbor says she is shameless to return. Bhanu tells Malini that the papers are made, now they will get rent for barsati. Malini smiles. Just then Aanchal and Bhawna come there. Bhanu asks how dare you to return. Aanchal says we have to show our dareness. Swati, Savita and dimple see them. Bhanu asks didn’t you feel shame to return. Aanchal says youngsters learn from their elders, when you didn’t feel ashame to humiliate my mother, then what is remaining to hide. Bhawna asks her not to talk to elders like that. Aanchal asks her not to say it. Malini shouts and says she will let the dog stay, but not them. Bhanu says we have to become shameless now. Aanchal asks him to throw them.

Bhanu says I don’t want to raise hand on you. Aanchal asks him to slap her. She goes to Dadu and says it was Papa’s room, it was his dream to see us there, and asks did you kill yourself for us. She says if Papa would have been alive, then he wouldn’t have let this happen with us. Bhanu reminds Dada ji of his swear and says my brother went to vyakund, today I will do their pind daan/shradh. He takes rounds around them, holding the pot from which water is leaking. He then breaks the pot, and says you both are dead for my family and house. He asks Malini to set off the diyas. Raghav calls Dimple and asks about Bhawna. He asks if Bhawna ji shifted to barsati. Dimple says no, her condition is bad and tells him everything.

Raghav thinks he won’t let anything happen to them. Bhanu asks them to leave, else he will hit them with stick, even if he gets sin of hurting woman. Aanchal says we will not die even if you break matka. And says give your name matka to me, I will break it. Bhawna says bulbul. Aanchal says we have won the barsati, and will not leave from here. she says she will not be scared of him. Bhanu raises his hand on her, but Babu ji holds Bhanu’s hands.

Bhanu reminds him of his swear. Babu ji says just as you have done their pind daan, I have done pind daan of your swear. Bhanu shouts Babu ji. Babu ji says don’t call me Babu ji. Malini says you are shouting on him for them. Babu ji asks her to be quiet, and says I don’t raise my hand on bahus, and don’t scold them. He says it is my mistake, that you increased your voice, and Bhawna bent down her head infront of you, and I was seeing everything. He says I was the head of the family, but you tied my pagdi on your head. He says Bhawna and Bulbul have the equal right on this house like you all, and if you try to throw them out, then I will throw everyone out. He then apologizes to Aanchal. She hugs him and cries.

Babu ji says you shall not cry, but stay peacefully here. Bhawna is about to touch his feet. Dada ji stops her and tells that he don’t deserve it. He says since you left, the lakshmi went from home. He says he couldn’t stop her, and apologizes to her, calling her beti. Bhawna asks beti? Babu ji says the day when Deepak died, I should have accepted you as my daughter. He says I understood late, but I have accepted you as my daughter. Bhawna cries happily. Babu ji brings prasad from the temple and gives to Bhawna and Aanchal. Bhanu, Malini and Vidya are angry. Babu ji asks Bhawna to make a new start as the daughter of her house in barsati. Raghav sees them getting barsati and gets relieved. Bhawna and Aanchal go to Barsati.

Precap: Bhawna and Aanchal are happy. Bhawna says we are here because of Raghav ji. Raghav tells Brij Mohan that he has accused Bhawna ji wrongly. Brij Mohan says you fought with your brother in court and here with your father for that woman. Raghav says she is Bhawna Shashtri.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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