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The Episode starts with Bhanu telling Manohar and Nirmala that he has done this pandal arrangements for Meera’s happiness. Meera thanks Abhishek. Abhishek says it is done by Papa. Meera thanks Bhanu. Bhanu asks her to call him Papa ji. Aarushi and Aanchal come to the venue. Aanchal greets everyone. Aarushi gets jealous. Meera says you are looking like princess. Malini tells Bhanu that Bhawna is clever and bought 3-4 k dress for her daughter. Meera asks Aanchal from which boutique she has taken this dress. Aanchal says Mummy made this with her old saree. Meera is surprised and asks what? Manohar says your mother has magic in her hand. Malini says Bhawna likes to do work with her hand, and says we asked her to buy dress for her, but she said that she will make it with herself. Meera says I am impressed. Abhishek says Chachi is an artiste. Nirmala asks where is she? Vidya says she will come before mahurat. Nirmala says we told already that everyone shall be present. Bhanu says she will come.

Bhawna comes to the court. Judge asks if she came for the case. Bhawna says yes. Her phone rings. Judge asks her to switch off her phone and sit. Bhawna’s purse falls down. Some change falls down. Gaurav helps her pick up the change. Bhawna sits on the chair. Aarushi takes the selfie. Poonam comes there and says she is also a family. She says she stays in barsati room. Nirmala asks where is Bhawna ji. Abhishek says she will come before time. He asks Aarushi to take selfie from his phone. Bhanu thinks Bhawna will see his rudra tandav very soon. Nirmala tells Bhanu that she didn’t hope this from him. Bhanu asks her to tell. Nirmala asks if there will be geet or sangeet. Bhanu says his house ladies are like apsaras of the heaven. Poonam asks Bhanu not to forget her. Bhanu says Aanchal and Aarushi will dance. Nirmala asks him to win.

The judge asks Bhawna about her lawyer. Bhawna says he might be coming. Judge tells that he can’t wait, this is court. He asks Gaurav to make her understand. Gaurav asks her to call her lawyer. Bhawna thinks Vaibhav is not picking the call, what to do? Bhanu says men don’t dance in our house. Nirmala asks when Bhawna will come. Bhanu says he will dance. Music plays…Bhanu thinks he has to dance, until Bhawna comes. Nirmala says she will dance too. Bhanu dances on the song Jhinat. Everyone dances. Aarushi thinks to ruin Aanchal’s clothes and throws juice on her, but Aanchal moves away, and it falls on Vidya. Vidya scolds her and goes. Aanchal tells Aarushi that it is easy to make you jealous. Aarushi says she will take her revenge.

Bhanu says they are making them dance as if they are vanar and they are the instructor. He says this is happening due to bhawna. Malini calls Bhawna and tells Bhanu that she disconnected the call. Bhanu says case might be going on. He tells that Nirmala shall not know that Barsati is grabbed by someone and case is going on. Nirmala asks if they have any problem? Malini says Bhawna is like my younger sister and will come soon. Aanchal thinks God, please send Maa soon, else Tau ji will trouble him.

Judge asks Gaurav to send notice to Bhawna’s lawyer. Gaurav recalls Raghav’s words and Brij Mohan’s words. He gets up. Nirmala says it is 1:10 pm, why Bhawna ji haven’t brought thread till now. Meera says we shall get engaged first. Nirmala says they can’t exchange the rings until thread is tied to their hands. Gaurav tells Judge that this case is going on since many years, and asks him to dismiss the case and give the verdict in his client’s favor, as the opposition lawyer is missing. Bhawna gets tensed.

Precap: Bhawna comes to the venue and sees Abhishek and Meera exchanged rings already. Bhanu asks why did you come after engagement. He comes home and asks Bhawna to throw Deepak’s photo out of the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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