Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi and Pihu’s argument

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu defending Raghav. She says we came to Mumbai for business, not for you, because our uncle, who you gave our dad’s place, he never supported Raghav, you supported Josh, you believed his lies, grow up, you love someone who doesn’t know the meaning of love. Prachi says Josh is nice. Pihu says don’t talk about Raghav, you said he came to take revenge, did he torture you by writing letters and mails. Prachi says you are still supporting him. Pihu says I m supporting the truth, he loved you, you started hating him. Prachi says you were there. Prachi sats you were also there, what did you see and understand, people don’t get love, people move on, whatever happened with him, you broke his heart, he is amazing, he had used that pain on work, he is doing good, he gets much female attention, he can never love anyone now, you don’t have the person you love. Prachi says Josh and I are happy, we are going to marry. Pihu says you always chose the wrong man, you trusted Lakhan and now Josh. Prachi says enough, you are my sister, don’t tell a word against them, you lost the right to talk to me like this. She leaves with Josh. Raghav and Angad look on.

Raghav takes a drink and throws it. The party ends. Pihu says where did we come. Angad says you called me jobless and useless, I gave a good speech. She says congrats, why did you come with us. He says not for you, to support you two, we gave a good entry, everyone was shocked, Josh lost his senses. She says I m upset. He asks what happened. She says love is horrible, we girls are told that prince charming will come one day, Prachi believed this, Prachi is sweet, Josh isn’t marrying her. Angad says I never liked him. She says I don’t want them to get married.

Raghav comes and says party was good. She says you heard our talks, right, I know you like Prachi, I didn’t know about your feelings before, I found you right so I supported you. Angad asks did you feel anything on seeing Prachi today. Raghav says no. She says lie again. He says I feel nothing. He goes.

Sid says they are this family’s kids, whatever. Josh says your loyal servant, he is ruining our life. Vikrant asks him to talk to Lakhan well. Sid says we have a good equation, but your business isn’t running well. Lakhan says I agreed, I make buildings when we get contracts, its architects work, Josh is the head architect, his designs are rejected, and their designs are approved. Sid asks what’s the use to play blame game, maybe you have given the designs to them. Lakhan asks why will I give designs to our competitors. Prachi says we can still get the designs. Josh says he has come to take revenge. Lakhan says he will use his talent and take revenge on us. Sid says you are praising her. Lakhan says if my ego didn’t get in between, then maybe I would have handled the situation well, Raghav is a genius, this is his revenge, he will get much successful, he can hurt us without taking revenge. Sid says enough, if you loved him then why didn’t you get your daughter married to him. Lakhan leaves.

Angad says I m marrying. Pihu asks what. He says look at yourself. Angad asks her to imagine. She says lets be serious and work. Raghav gets a call. Kiara says we met yesterday, I m Josh’s sister, we will meet like the old times. She invites him for dinner and ends the call. She lies to her friends. She says he can’t refuse me. Josh asks Raghav? Angad asks Kiara, what will we do there, she is so dumb. He jokes. Pihu says she has fake nails. Angad says you should go. Raghav says we should go. Angad says oh, you want to meet Prachi. Raghav says she is a stranger to me, she loves Josh, Kiara is just a kid, we should go, right. Angad says right. Josh asks are you serious, you invited Raghav, you know what he did. Kiara says relax, forget it, it doesn’t matter if he comes with Pihu and Angad. He says yes, Pihu and Prachi should patch up, invite him, I will cook the food. She goes.

Kiara asks her friend to drop the wine on Raghav’s shirt and she will make the first move. She says he was a servant before, now he is the best architect. Prachi comes. Raghav comes and looks on. Pihu and Angad come next. Kiara welcomes them. Prachi hugs Pihu. Kiara flirts with Raghav. She signs her friend. The wine falls on Raghav and Angad’s shirts. Kiara says I will help you. Raghav says no, help Angad, I m okay. Angad says no, take him. Raghav says I will do it. Pihu says help Angad, Kiara. Samaira comes. Josh says I was waiting for you, you are ignoring me. She says stop flirting with me, I came here to meet ARP, Raghav’s company needs funding, I m here to make a deal, you are engaged, I m not interested in you. Prachi looks on.

Josh sees Prachi. Prachi leaves. Raghav comes to Josh’s room. He sees Josh and Prachi’s pic. Raghav removes his shirt. She goes to the washroom. Prachi comes there and sits crying. She says he doesn’t love me. Raghav comes from the bathroom and sees Prachi. Hum me jo tha…plays… He says my shirt. She leaves. He recalls their moments. He irons his shirt and leaves. He wears his shirt.

Josh says Samaira was telling me that ARP needs funding, sorry, you take the proposal to them. Prachi says you are imp than money, I love you. They hug. Raghav looks on.

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