Agnisakshi 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Satvik and Jeevika visit lawyer

Agnisakshi 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narayan asking Satvik where did Jeevika go early morning without telling you. Satvik recalls telling her that they have to go to lawyer. Rajnandini says Satvik is coming from outside, what is his mistake. Juhi says it is Jeevika’s mistake. Lata says new bahu showed her colors just as she came. Shlok says I will call Pradeep and ask him. Narayan stops him. Pradeep asks Pallavi why did you lie to us. He says who lies to the family. Manohar asks why did you both hide from us that Bhosle family paid jeevika’s hospital bills. Pradeep says I will ask Satvik. Sulochana says Satvik’s family paid the bill as jeevika’s accident happened due to Satvik. Pradeep asks what else you are hiding from us. Jeevika comes home, and tells Narayan that she had gone to Bappa’s temple. Lata mausi says you would have told someone before going. Rajnandini says atleast you would have told Satvik. Satvik says she had told me, but I forgot. Jeevika says it is my mistake. Narayan says you should not go without informing anyone. Jeevika apologizes. Pradeep asks if Satvik married Jeevika for his penance. Swara says Tai got fine after the operation, and asks Pallavi to tell what had happened exactly. Pallavi recalls Doctor’s words. Manohar recalls Pallavi’s lie. Swara asks Pallavi to say. Pallavi asks Swara not to shout at her, seeing her Dada. Pradeep says I will ask Satvik, and says if I come to know that my Jeevi’s marriage is a compromise then start your reverse countdown.

Lata tells Jeevika that she will tell her everything about kitchen. She says she is not like Rajnandini, who don’t come to kitchen. Satvik comes there and says Papa is calling you. Jeevika tries to go, and the cup falls down. Satvik and jeevika bend down to pick it, and their heads collide with each others. Lata Mausi asks them to collide their heads again. Jeevika and Satvik collide their heads with each other. Jeevika feels shy. She goes from there. Satvik says Papa didn’t call you, but we have to go to lawyer.

Pradeep shouts at Pallavi for hiding with him. Pallavi says you didn’t see my love behind it, and says people are praising me for fixing the alliance, else Satvik like guy would have never married girl like Jeevika. Pradeep praises Jeevika. Pallavi threatens to leave. Pradeep says I will throw your stuff right now. Swara asks why did vahini hide this, and why Aai was silent. Sukanya says the situation was such. Swara asks what is the truth? Manohar thinks he has to do something.

Juhi stops Jeevika and asks where you are going and says I am talking to you. Shlok and Aadhya tell her that she don’t need your permission. Juhi says Satvik shall know where is she going? Satvik says I know and asks why she was misbehaving with Jeevika. Jeevika says she was joking with me. Shlok tells Juhi that she shall thank Bhabhi for saving her.

Rajnandini tells Rao to keep it with him. Rao says he can’t keep it with him for many days and says he will take it to Satvik’s reception and says nobody will know. Juhi comes there and says Shlok is taking Jeevika’s side. Rajnandini says he respects me a lot, so he respects Jeevika too. Juhi says Jeevika was going somewhere with Satvik and I asked, but they didn’t tell me. Rajnandini says Satvik must have went to drop Jeevika somewhere to buy something, and says he will be in office before I reach there. Satvik asks Jeevika if she is fine. He says I am asking you, who is having a rope on her neck, even I am feeling suffocated. Jeevika says she is fine. She hears ambulance and prays…Satvik asks if she prayed that she shall rid of him. Jeevika says I was praying for the person in ambulance. Satvik says if everything can be fine with prayers, then we wouldn’t have been here.

They stop at a signal. Jeevika looks at a couple on the bike. Narayan says don’t know when these tablets will leave me. Rajnandini says until you get fine. She says I know you are happy with this marriage and Jeevika, and I am sure she will help me to handle this house. Narayan says I want Satvik to be happy as well. She asks how did you manage home and marriage when you was newly married. He regrets to give more importance to business and says he will not let Satvik do the same mistake. Rajnandini says Satvik will manage and Jeevika will adjust. He asks her to give Bangalore project to someone else. Satvik asks Jeevika to come, as lawyer is waiting for them. Jeevika says we got married, and my dreams are broken. She says I am hurt.

Rajnandini says this project is impossible without Satvik as it is his dream, we can’t think of this project without Satvik. Narayan asks her to handle the project alone. Rajnandini and Juhi get happy. The lawyer asks Satvik and Jeevika, why did they come to take divorce just a day after marriage, and asks them to nullify the marriage right away, rather than waiting for divorce which will take 6 months for processing. He says annulment is best in your case, and says one of you have to accuse other of character assassination. Satvik says I am ready, Jeevika shall accuse me, it will be easy for her and right also. The lawyer asks them to decide and says your documents will be available in public domain and anyone can read it. Satvik says I agree for this. Jeevika says I don’t agree, I can’t do this. Satvik says sorry to lawyer and says he will come after sometime.

Juhi asks Rajnandini if you don’t think that I shall look beautiful like you. She says she is thinking to go to beauty salon. Rajnandini gives her card. She says she is very happy, as when Satvik will come to know that his project by his father from him and given to me, then he will be shattered that his father doesn’t trust him. She taunts Juhi and goes. Jeevika comes out of the lawyer’s office and cries. Satvik says sorry to her, and says I don’t know how you will feel. Jeevika says I am not upset with you, but upset with lawyer who suggested annulment. Satvik says annulment is the best, as divorce is still not accepted in society. Jeevika says we might refuse, but the fire will always be witnessed.

Rajnandini tells the employees that she will supervise the Bangalore project, and asks them to send Satvik to her cabin. The employee says he didn’t come till now. Rajnandini asks them to go. Satvik tells Jeevika that he can understand, and tells that very soon she will be freed from this marriage and then can live life on her own terms, and says then your marriage and husband will be real. Jeevika says may be you didn’t hear him properly, and says everything will be public. She says what will happen, if your reputation gets ruined because of my accusation on you. Rajnandini thinks Satvik has to come here, leaving everything. She calls him.

Satvik says I am coming. Rajnandini says Savitri silks is incomplete without you. Satvik tells Jeevika that he has to go to office, and says he will drop her. Jeevika says you have left me already. She says when our destination is not same, then the ways will be different, when we have to separated then we shall distanced from each other. She walks away from there. Satvik sits in his car and goes. Agnisakshi song plays…

The lawyer tells his assistant that the couple are in a hurry to take divorce now a days. He says their address seem to be familiar. Auto driver brings Jeevika to her mayka. Jeevika says this is my house, why did you bring me here. He says you told me this address.

Satvik doesn’t like the designs. The employee says this is only way. Satvik says the way shall be easy and also right. He asks where is the cost sheet, and asks them not to do anything for the project. Rajnandini smiles. They leave.

Jeevika gets down from the auto and comes to her parents’ house. Satvik tells that the reception is a private affair and it is not for press, media or any channel. Manas asks what happened, if you are fine? He asks him what was his biggest step with Jeevika. Satvik recalls Jeevika’s words.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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