Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Vidhi misunderstands Dev

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hariprasad saying that Dev ji is coming tomorrow. Bimla says I will ask him to take Vidhi home. Vidhi asks shall I invite Chitra didi, as you have invited all the family. Hariprasad asks her to invite him. The money lender Vijay comes there with Kalumal and asks Hariprasad to take the money. Hariprasad asks him to tell in low tone and tells that his daughter is at home. Vijay keeps the money pouch under the table and tells that he don’t have daughter, but having sister. He prays to Milapni Devi and lies down on the floor. Vidhi comes there and greets him. He gives her shagun as he regards woman as Devi. Vidhi puts the money in the charity box and tells Hariprasad that she will go and invite Chitra. She goes. Hariprasad thanks him. Vijay gives him the pouch and asks him to count the money. Hariprasad asks when I have to return it. Vijay asks what is the hurry, we will talk later. He goes. Urmila comes there and sees Hariprasad making shagun envelopes for Vidhi’s inlaws. She says you didn’t return our money and giving shagun to Vidhi’s inlaws. Hariprasad returns Urmila’s money with interest. Urmila asks from where did you get it? Hariprasad says it is none of your matter, and asks them not to do any drama when Raichands come. Urmila says ok and says she knew that he will return her money. Hariprasad asks Bimla to see how her tune changed. Vidhi comes there and sees the decoration and shagun envelopes. She asks Hariprasad about it.

Hariprasad says your father can still fulfill the needs of the family. Later Pandit ji comes and asks where is Damad ji. Hariprasad says he will make call to Dev. He searches for the phone. Vidhi calls Dev and Satyavati, but their call is unreachable. Dev calls Hariprasad and tells him that he can’t come today, as he is stuck somewhere. Hariprasad says I will send Vidhi. Dev says let her enjoy her first festival after marriage and says he is feeling bad for not coming. She thinks he didn’t talk to her and don’t want her to come, and thinks why to force myself on him. She switches off her phone and says I am habitual to him, but if he don’t need me. She comes out. A neighbor asks why Dev Raichand will come here. Hariprasad says he was getting late so I refused. Vidhi thinks if he didn’t come intentionally. She thinks if Amba ji said truth. Everyone starts taking rounds around holika. The lady asks why Dev ji haven’t come till now. Urmila tells Hariprasad and Bimla that people are saying that Dev ji regretted to get married here. Hariprasad asks her to go home. Urmila asks him to ask Dev. Hariprasad asks Vidhi if he told you something.

Vidhi comes to Divya. Divya says she will make everyone drenched in holi color. Vidhi asks if Yamini mausi also studied in the same college as Dev Sir. Divya gets shocked. She drops the bucket and then tells that yes, but she left the college for better college in 1998. Vidhi says it is a good college. Divya asks her to let her enjoy the holi. Vidhi hears Raichands coming and comes running. Abhi tells that he is stuck in some work, but sent you wishes. Vidhi asks Satyavati what happened. Satyavati says she was unwell yesterday and that’s why they couldn’t come. Vidhi thinks she misunderstood him. Dev comes there in auto, holding mic in his hand and says he has come to cheer her. Everyone smiles looking at him. Vidhi also looks at him.

Precap: Dev gives his 1998 diary to Vidhi. She asks him do you need me? He says not need, but love. He says I love you Vidhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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