Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Gaura’s Conditions For Gaura

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 17th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lakshmi gets mesmerized seeing Shukla Nivas’ kitchen and steels utensils from there. Ganga shouts thief.. Lakshmi gets afraid thinking who is a thief here other than her. Ganga informs Som that someone stole her jewelry and asks him to call police. Som calls police station and files a complaint. Gaura gets tensed thinking she will be caught easily because of Rekha. Rekha emerges and asks why did she call her. Gaura expresses her fear. Rekha jokes on her and freezes her hands in air. Ganga asks why is she raising her hand as if she is a thief. Gaura says she is not doing it by herself. Kanchan asks if ghosts is doing this. Rekha thinks Kanchan understands her well even after her death. She frees Gaura.

Ganga continues to cry. Rekha thinks if she knew she can trouble Ganga and Kanchann, she would have become a ghost long ago. Her hand start melting down and gets afraid. Yamdooths Chaman and Madan emerge to take Rekha away. Rekha as usual troubles them and escapes.

Gaura wanders in house fearing arrest. Lakshmi follows her. Police arrives and starts investigation. Chanchal fears that police will doubt servants first. Pardesi gets afraid. Gaura’s drama continues. Rekha catches Gaura and gives her 3 shocking conditions to fulfill. Gaura hesitantly agrees. Rekha disappears. Inspector after questioning all family members asks Som to call his wife. Som goes to call Gaura. He notices Gaura’s finger ring in Ganga’s room. Lakshmi catches Gaura next and insists to tell if she stole jewelry. Gaura refuses. Lakhsmi gives Harish’s oath. Gaura gets tensed and is about to reveal truth when Som walks to her. Drama continues..

Precap: Som asks Gaura what was she doing in Ganga’s room. Kanchan asks police inspector to catch the thief at any cost. Gaura walks to them shivering. Inspector asks why is she acting as if she stole jewelry. Gaura accepts she did.

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