Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Rekha Threatens Gaura

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura tries to walk towards Som. Rekha pulls her hair and stops her. Gaura pleads to spare her. Kanchan notices Gaura’s drama and shows it to Ganga. Ganga asks her to go and free Gaura before Som sees her and divorces her. Kanchan walks to Gaura and notices Gaura’s hair stuck to a nail and asks her to free her hair and sit with Som. Rekha threatens Gaura to dare not sit with Som or else she will punish her. Gaura says she will be in trouble if she sits besides Som. Kanchan looks at Rekha and says the trouble is gone forever. Rekha warns Gaura that she will not spare Kanchan for that. Once Kanchan frees, Gaura’s hair, Gaura runs away from there.

Panditji tells family that Rekha had visited him a few days ago with Som’s kundali and he had informed her that she will not live for long. He says Rekha loved Som a lot and wanted her son to achieve success both professionally and personally. Ganga says every mother loves her son.

Chanchal asks Rekha to go and sit beside Som. Gaura says she will not or else Rekha will punish her. She continues to panic in fear. Kanchan drags her and makes her sit besides Som. Panditji asks all married women to apply sindhoor in Rekha’s hairline and then same in their hairline. Women do same. Ganga asks Kanchan to do that. Kanchan says Rekha wouldn’t like that. She and Ganga force Gaura to do that ritual, but Gaura panics more seeing Rekha threatening to break her bones if she does so. Gaura runs from there again.

Rahul calls Kanchan and informs her that he found a jeweler who will make fake jewelry. Kanchan informs her that Rekha passed away and asks him to reach home soon. Kanchan’s husband reaches first. Kanchan scolds him for coming late to see her happiness. Panditji keeps cotton balls in Rekha’s nostrils. Rekha orders Gaura to remove them.

Precap: Rekha removes cotton balls from Rekha’s nostrils. Som getgs angry and orders her to keep them back.

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