Dheere Dheere Se 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhawna gets threatening call

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The Episode starts with Vidya asking Bhawna what is it? Bhawna comes to her. Vidya says the saree is torn, you have washed it. Bhawna says I will stitch it. Vidya gives the sarees to her and asks her to stitch whenever torn and goes. Savita comes home and gives lemon juice. Raghav takes it happily. Savita asks where did he go? He says for some work. She asks if someone was with him. Raghav says yes and asks why she is asking? Savita tells that they stay in society and has to follow the rules and regulations. He asks what happened? Savita asks him to stay in limits and goes. Raghav thinks I understood, but I will not follow its bad rules. She keeps the letter in the pillow so that nobody sees it and thinks to find out about it. She thinks to see CCTV footage. Abhi gets a call and refuses to get credit card. Dimple calls Abhi and says she is on call. He asks from where you got my number. She says from Madhu and asks him about daddu’s health. He says Dada ji is fine. She asks him to call her if need any help. Abhi says ok and saves her number.

Bhawna comes to the CCTV guy and asks him to show the footage. He refuses to show her footage. She comes out and hears Raghav shouting at customer service. He tells Bhawna that he had ordered pizza, but it went to wrong address so he was shouting at customer service. He says we shall be polite with those who value it. Bhawna goes to the CCTV guy and asks him to show her footage, and says I am polite with you and you have refused. She threatens to call the Police, and he shows her the footage. She takes photo of the courier guy’s bag, and goes. She comes home and sees Aanchal working on the laptop. Aanchal says she took it from her friend, after Aarushi refused to give her laptop. She says she has to do her project. She then teaches her, how to use it. Bhawna types the courier service name and gets all the address. She takes the pic. Raghav realizes in sleep that he confessed his feelings for Bhawna to Bhanu. He prays to God that Bhanu shall not know about it, else third world war will happen. Bhanu calculates the expenses in his mobile. He sees the photo, and is about to see, when Malini comes there and asks for money. Bhanu asks her to get the old calculations and then he will give her money. Malini goes. Raghav asks Bhawna where is she going? Bhawna says to get medicine for Babu ji. She goes. Raghav sees Bhanu and recalls everything. He goes inside the house. Bhanu thinks why bhagodan husband got scared of me, and thinks it is good.

Bhawna buys medicines for Dada ji, and then thinks to enquire about Bansi. She comes to the courier service and asks if Bansi works here. The lady says no guy with this name works.

Abhi brings babu ji home from the hospital. He turns to give money to Auto driver, when babu ji is about to fall, Dimple holds him. Malini shouts asking her to leave him. Abhi asks what’s wrong if she helped Dada ji. Malini asks if you can’t handle him, what is the use of body which you made from your father’s money.

Bhawna sees a courier guy and runs behind him. The guy runs too.
She chases him and calls him Bansi. The guy says he is Bhushan. He says he had taken loans, and thoughts that she is the money lender. She thinks to take Raghav’s help to locate Bansi. She calls him and asks if you can meet me behind the temple. A guy calls her and says you have come alone, and says he has killed 999 till now. He says you are searching Bansi, but will not get him. He says whatever happened 20 years ago which will ruined all the family. He says he will start the destruction with her.

Precap: Bhawna tells the guy that she can do anything for her family.The guy asks her to get ready to play the game. Later Bhawna refuses to do house work for the day.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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