Dheere Dheere Se 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav confronts Brij Mohan

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The Episode starts with Raghav coming inside the house. Savita says you have come early from Indore. She asks what did you bring? Raghav keeps the sweet boxes on the table and says I heard a son lying to his father, but today a father lied to his son. He asks Brij Mohan, what it will be called. Brij says she deserves this, whatever happened. Raghav says no woman deserve this, leave Bhawna ji. He says she was called characterless and was thrown out of the house, no woman deserves this. He says no woman deserve this insult in any situation. He says she is a widow, a weak woman, don’t know how to fight with the world, she was trying to live, she has a young daughter. He says when my own family didn’t respect her, then how to blame people. He says in India, the injustice was done by the family, as they know that the woman is weak and she will bear everyone silently. He says where a woman shall go, when her big enemy is sitting in the house. Brij Mohan says I am practicing law before you was born and asks him not to teach him feminism. Raghav says you had forgotten about basic human rights, and that everyone has equal rights on respect. Brij Mohan says you want to fight with your father. Raghav says yes, I took this case without her knowledge, she didn’t ask me. Brij mohan says case is dismissed.

Raghav says objection. Brij Mohan says it is over ruled. Raghav says you have insulted my client. He says whenever the woman is insulted, from Sita to Draupadi, this world will be ruined, but nobody will understand, the mawali on road, and the judge standing here, everyone is illiterate. Brij Mohan raises his hand to slap him, but stops him. Raghav asks him to slap him, and says it is a custom in our house, that elders don’t accept their mistake. He asks him to slap him and says today I am deeply hurt. He says you protect your house ladies, but today you accused bhawna to be characterless. He says Bhanu is having a bull mind, but you all didn’t say. He asks why you all didn’t say. Swati says it is not like that. Brij Mohan says he was fighting with his brother in court and today he is fighting with his father for that woman. Raghav says her name is Bhawna Shastri. He says whatever happened with Bhawna ji, I am the judge and the witness, and my judgement is that the same thing shall not happen again. He says you have snatched all her hopes on her big day, and says when nobody supports, then the person becomes support of self, and tells that today she has shifted to her barsati, and says God sees everything.

Bhawna and Aanchal are happy to be in Barsati. Bhawna says all our dreams shattered, and then someone collected all our dreams and gave to us. She says your Dadu helped us today. Aanchal says Raghav uncle also supported us. Bhawna says yes, and tells that he reached the court suddenly and fought the case, then I have to hear dirty things about us.

Aanchal asks her not to be sad and asks her to think about how to decorate the room. Bhawna says first we will hang your Papa’s photo here. Malini asks Bhanu to sit. Bhanu says since she came here, inauspicious thing is happening. Malini says Bau ji is supporting her. Bhanu says he is 60 plus, I was silent as he is my Babu ji. He says I am waiting for bhawna to do a mistake, then I will provoke babu ji again against her. Malini smirks. Aanchal and Bhawna come to buy things for their house. Bhawna sees Raghav drinking tea at the stall. He comes to her and asks how are you? Bhawna says I am fine. She asks how are you? Bhawna says she is fine. Raghav says she has shown courage. Bhawna says don’t know from where she got courage. He says I saw Jagjeevan uncle taking stand for you. Bhawna asks if you was there. Raghav says his support is necessary, and says I didn’t hope that my….He tells that forgiveness is not right for such a thing. Bhawna asks why you are feeling sad and tells that we have no control on others’ thinking, but we have control on our thinking, and says your support matters to me a lot, and says until when you will fight for me, people will go on saying, and asks him to forget it. Raghav says if someone says you anything then I get hurt and pain. He says you are my friend, my family has done this, I can’t bear. Bhawna says something good have happened too, and shows Bulbul and her selfie. She says we are very happy because of you. He gives her gift for her barsati. He thinks he is standing in her support. Bhawna recalls Malini and Brij’s words. She says we are friends and you have fulfilled your friendship, until when you will fight for me. She says even I don’t people to say bad about you. She says I want Bulbul to concentrate on her studies, and wants you to move on in life. He asks what about you?

Precap: Savita tells Raghav that she wants to talk to him about something important. She asks him to see the girl. He says he don’t want to marry. He turns and sees bhawna on Aanchal’s phone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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