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Scene 1
Shikha comes to Bebe’s room and steals the safe keys from her. She is about to steal the family necklace but hears someone coming there so she hides in the cupboard. Ajooni comes there and wakes up Bebe. She gives her medicine. Bebe asks for a blanket so Ajooni gets it from the cupboard but doesn’t see Shikha. She leaves from there and Bebe goes to sleep. Shikha comes out of the cupboard and steals it.

In the morning, Aman comes to Ajooni and still have a headache. Ajooni asks if she is okay? Aman asks how many days I have been sleeping? Ravindra comes there and says I know someone gave you bhaang and once I find out the culprit then I won’t spare them. He asks her to go and make tea for him, she leaves. He asks Ajooni to take care of her as she is not as smart as you, she is very innocent. Ajooni nods.

Shikha gives the necklace to the seller and he offers them very little money but Shikha takes it. She asks him to make a fake necklace like this one only. He says I can give it to you tomorrow morning. She says okay and he leaves. Shikha tells her mother to give it to the goons and ask papa to come back. She says I will steal more jewelry from the Bagga family, she says I have got the safe keys with me so don’t worry.

Scene 2
Ajooni’s mother comes to her house. Rajveer and Ajooni greet her. She says sorry to Ravindra for coming without an invite. My Meher passed her exams with good grades so I brought sweets. She offers it to Bebe but she says I can’t eat as I have diabetes. Her mother gives it to everyone else. Rajveer says you should be happy that both your daughters are so talented. Ajooni says Meher wants to go to London for Masters. Ajooni takes her mother from there. The bell rings and Shikha opens the door to find Harsh there, she is shocked and says what are you doing here? Ravindra comes there and says I called him here. Harsh greets him. Ravindra asks Shikha if she knows him? She says no. Ravindra says then why did you say why is he here? Shikha says I thought I have seen him somewhere. Ravindra takes Harsh from there. He tellls the family that his man fought to save Dolly, he fought with them so well and even saved me. Dolly smirks. Ravindra tells Harsh that you are a brave man, what do you do? Harsh says I am looking for a job. Ravindra asks Rajveer to get him a job in our party, Rajveer takes him from there. Harman says you shouldn’t trust a stranger. Shikha says she is right. Ravindra says he is talented and this Shikha shouldn’t talk about trust, he leaves. Bebe asks Harman to get her family necklace polished as weddings are coming up. Shikha is shocked and thinks I stole it.

The seller comes to Shikha with the fake necklace so she gets it.

Aman is looking for the necklace in the safe and tells Bebe-Harman that the necklace is not here. I didn’t even open the safe for days and last time Bebe put the necklace in it. Bebe slaps her and says its our family necklace so find it. Harman says I will check in another safe. Bebe says I won’t spare anyone if we don’t find the necklace. Shikha hears all that and thinks to do something.

PRaECAP – Shikha silently puts the fake necklace in Ajooni’s mother’s bag and tells Harman that we should check her bag also. Ajooni is shocked but her mother allows it. Harman checks her bag and finds the necklace there. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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