Ajooni 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ajooni finds out about Shikha & Harsh’s partnership

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Scene 1
Aman tells Ajooni that you did well in doing Rajveer’s aarti. Ajooni says so much has happened in the past days.. the worst days were when Rajveer wanted to kill me. Aman says I can understand how hurtful it feels when your husband goes against you. Ajooni says don’t worry, we will expose Shikha soon. I think Shikha is stealing from the safe and has duplicate keys with her, we have to expose her, she tells her plan to Aman.

Ravindra has caught a man and tells him to find out where Dijendra and Shanky are. He nods and leaves. Ravindra tells Bhola to keep an eye on them.

Aman comes to the market and calls the mobile. Shikha sees her phone ringing and takes the call. Aman changes her voice and says Harsh bought a lottery in your and his name.. you both have won the lottery of 10 lacs. Shikha says what? Aman says Harsh asked to put money in his account only so I wanted your permission. Shikha says we both should get the money. Aman says you have to come our office. She keeps Shikha busy on the call while Ajooni goes to Shikha’s room and searches for the key. Shikha ends the call and calls Harsh. She says we had a lottery and you want to keep the money to yourself? Harsh says have you gone crazy? there is no lottery.. the goons are threatening me for money. Shikha says I am arranging for it. She ends the call and leaves. Ajooni hides and follows her.

Shikha goes to Bebe’s room and finds her asleep. She opens the safe and steals a necklace. Ajooni and Aman find the safe keys with her.

Scene 2
Shikha goes to the market. Ajooni and Aman follow her but they hide from her. Shikha feels someone is following her but doesn’t see them. Harsh calls her so Shikha goes to meet him. Ajooni says what is doing here? They see Harsh coming there and are shocked. Shikha gives the necklace to Harsh and asks him to get a fake one made like this, we will replace it. Harsh says what if the family finds out? Shikha says they won’t. I replaced their family necklace with a fake one and even trapped Ajooni’s mother in stealing case. Ajooni is shocked to hearing that.

Ajooni comes home and is angry. She is going to confront Shikha but Rajveer stops her. He says don’t spoil our plan.. we have to expose her by playing her game. Ajooni says she got my mother insulted, I won’t spare her. Rajveer says just wait for the right time.

Shikha tells Bebe that I heard Ajooni shouting for me. All family members come there. Aman says Ajooni is not here. Shikha says I really did hear her voice. Ravindra says what if you did something with Ajooni like Harvindar did with Aman int he past? Ajooni’s parents come there. All look on. Subhash says we were in the area so came here with some gifts. Kamli/Ajooni tries to take them but Bebe asks her to stay away. She throws away the gifts and tells Subhash to not take their cheap daughter’s name in this house. Harman says my son had to bear so much because of your daughter. Neeru says our daughter is suffering too, her husband lost his memory. Bebe shouts that she left her husband when he needed her the most. Neeru says what are you saying? She didn’t come to our house that’s why we came here to meet her. All look on.

PRECAP – Neeru is crying over Ajooni going missing. Shikha says Ajooni had an affair with a doctor before marrying Rajveer so maybe she is with him? Rajveer gets angry hearing that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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