Ajooni 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer attacks Ajooni

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Scene 1
Ravindra is about to beat up Shanky for attacking Rajveer but Dijendra pleads with him to forgive him as he is their family blood. Ravindra says I am sparing him for now but leave from here. Dijendra makes Shanky apologize to him. Ravindra asks them to get lost and says if anything happens to Rajveer then I will kill you both. Dijendra says Rajveer is like my son, I won’t do anything with him. He greets Bebe and leaves with Shanky. Bebe says at least he apologized. Ravindra says don’t be fooled by his acting, he is a snake.

Rajveer is angry. Ajooni comes to him and smiles. He says are you looking for ways to kill me? Ajooni says I might be a stranger for you but you are my God, I will try my best to make you remember our memories. She shows the bracelet to him and says I got kidnapped but you saved me. You gifted this bracelet and we promised to always protect each other. Do you remember that you promised to be with me always.. don’t hide anything from me and tell me what’s killing you from inside? please trust me that I would die before letting anything happen to you. Rajveer finds someone pointing a gun at them. The person shoots but Rajveer pushes them out of the way. He runs behind the shooter. Ajooni runs behind him and asks him to stop, she says I will call papa. Rajveer says I will not spare him. He runs behind the man. The shooter is Harsh. He hides in the servant room and calls Shikha. He says I tried to kill Rajveer but he is behind me. Shikha says if you come back without killing him then I won’t spare you. Rajveer enters the room but Harsh hides from him.

Ravindra comes to Shikha and says who are you calling at this hour? she says it was a wrong number. Ravindra checks her phone and calls the number. Rajveer hears the phone ringing. He is about to pick up but Ravindra ends the call. He tells Shikha to sleep as its late. He leaves from there. Harsh thinks Rajveer has left the room but he grabs him from behind. Rajveer sees his face but Harsh pushes him away and drives away from there. Rajveer says I won’t spare Ajooni now.

Ajooni is worried for Rajveer and calls Ravindra. She cries but he can’t hear her. Rajveer comes there angrily and says you must have something important? Ajooni cries and says thank God you are okay. He says your plan failed again.. you keep lying that you love me but then you have an affair with another man? I lost my memory because of you and I keep attacked because of you. She cries and says I didn’t do anything.. you are mistaken, I don’t have any affair. Rajveer says that Harsh shot at me just now.. he came here for you. You are involved with him right? I am ashamed.. a girl like you can never love. You kept attacking me from behind but I will kill you in front of your eyes. He takes out his dagger so Ajooni cries and tries to run away. Rajveer runs behind her. Ajooni locks herself in the room and is scared. Rajveer enters there but Ajooni hides from him. Rajveer finds her and is about to attack her but she runs away. He says I will finish you today. Ajooni hides and cries.

PRECAP – Ajooni cries and tells Mata Rani that my Rajveer wants to kill me today. He comes there and says where will you run now? She says I won’t run anywhere.. if your anger will subside by killing me then do what you want, kill me. Rajveer approaches her with his dagger.

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