Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Mukta apologizes to Ahilya

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya asking the vendors to take back the things, she will pay for their travel expenses. She says we can’t buy anything right now, we can’t send you empty-handed when you have come. She asks them to show the most beautiful saree. She likes the saree and says its beautiful, I m buying this for my daughter, she will wear this and become a bride, you will get paid for this, thanks for coming here.

Malerao leaves in anger. The vendors also leave. Maina gets sad. Malhar sees the Vaid treating the soldiers. Vaid says its not possible to treat them now, we don’t have medicines and herbs now, we have to take them to Malwa. Malhar hears a quarrel and goes to see. The soldiers ask for food. The man says they are blaming me that I m not giving them enough food, how shall I give food, we are running short of grains, they are fighting here, tell me what to do. Malhar asks how much grains do we have. The man says we have grains for only 2-3 days, then we will die of hunger. Malhar asks him to use the grains. He gets sad.

Mukta is sad. Ahilya comes. Mukta says everyone is ready for my marriage, you have convinced them, my feelings don’t matter. Ahilya says my happiness is in your happiness, a mother never wants her children to get hurt, when I told you to get ready in childhood, you used to refuse to do makeup, when you started doing makeup, everyone praised your beauty, mum knows what is right and what is wrong for her kids, do you think I will give your hand to anyone just like that, you are a part of my heart, I will be hurt if you get hurt and I will be happy if you stay happy, I have seen the world, I don’t wish you to see the world’s colours, I wish your life gets spent in a good way, Yashwant will keep you very happy, I m sure. Malhar says we won’t have anything left, our soldiers are fighting with death, we have to send them to Malwa for treatment, they aren’t getting food, they can’t fight battle on an empty stomach, we should go back, we can’t fight this battle. Janko ji says you mean we have lost this battle. Malhar says no, we didn’t lose, we have to do what the situation demands, we have to step back right now, I have sent a letter to Peshwa, he also agrees to me. Janko ji asks how will we leave from here. Malhar says Maratha’s old trick to escape by confusing them, we have to do the same thing. He gets a message. Ahilya says its parents’ duty to find a guy for a daughter, I have double responsibility, I will take care of you until I m alive. Mukta apologizes and says I couldn’t understand you. Ahilya smiles and says stop crying, when kids fight with mum, mum likes it. Malhar says Peshwa has sent a message, he has suggested an idea to make us leave from here. He tells Janko ji about the trick. He explains it.

Janko asks how will our soldiers do this, we can’t deny Peshwa’s message. Ahilya gifts the saree to Mukta. She says Malerao has chosen this for you. Mukta smiles. Ahilya says sorry, I can’t give you anything else, you will get good clothes and jewellery, but I can’t do anything for the function. Mukta holds her hand and says no, you don’t need to tell anything now, I know whatever you will do will be good for someone. Ahilya smiles.

She makes Mukta try the saree and compliments. They hug and cry. The marriage function begins. Ahilya and Gautama bless Mukta. Malhar gets shocked seeing his soldiers getting killed in a blast.

Malerao hugs Mukta and cries. She asks where is Ahilya. Guard says it’s a bad news, we have lost Panipat battle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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