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Sai in Dwarka Mai, he sees a poor man outside Dwarka Mai, Sai calls him inside. Sai makes ladoo and asks him will he have it. Man denies and says I have been through bad. Sai says I know, stay with me for a day and you will know everything.

In Dixit Vada, Revathi asleep thinking about Sai’s words, she wakes up, she has sime water.
Bhama and Udhav roaming around woth mashal for security against wild animals or else they will destroy our farms. Udhav scared says what if we get attacked. Bhama says have faith in Sai and both walk chanting Sai’s name. Revathi hears that abd starts performing.

Rama sees Revathi and gets scared thinking Revathi is possessed.

Baizmaa asks Sai, whose sketch is he drawing, Sai says a father’s sketch. Baizmaa asks whose father. Sai keeps sketching.
A couple walks in, Devdhar and Rachana. Rachana tells Sai, Devdhar was a famous singer and earned a lot but in an accident he lost his voice, with your blessings please give his voice back. Sai says he didn’t lose voice because of any accident but because of stealing. Rachana says you must have mistaken, he is a singer why will he steal. Sai says he is a famous singer but also is a thief. Rachana says Sai don’t help us it’s fine but why insult us, and says lets go.
Sai stops Devdhar and walks to him with a glass of water and says you have come from far, atleast have some water. Rachana says we won’t drink water from a place where we are insulted. Sai says okay and throws water on floor. Devdhar and Rachana sees Devdhar’s past in the water. A writer accuses Devdhar of singing his songs and not giving any credits and stealing them. Devdhar says yes I stole your song but I won’t give any money or credit to you, writer says I will tell everyone, Devdhar says you have no proofs and so people will believe my success and not you.

Rachana asks who is this writer Shivdatt and is Sai telling the truth. Devdhar knods yes. Sai says Devdhar lost his voice as consequences to his actions. Devdhar starts crying and apologies to Sai. Rachana asks how can we fix it. Sai says apologies to Shivdatt and when he forgives he will get voice back. Rachana asks where is Shivdatt.
Sai says come with me and takes them to poor man.
Sai says Shivdatt look who is here. Shivdatt gets angry seeing Devdhar, Sai says because of your actions Devdhar, you broke Shivdatts confidence and trust and he stopped writing songs and how will God be with you after all this.

Rachana says Sai, how will he apologies he can’t speak. Sai says he can if he really accepts his actions. Devdhar tries to speak, he can speak and he apologises to Shivdatt in tears and agrees to pay for what he deserves and give him credit he deserves. Sai says Shivdatt, give away this anger dont punish your art any more because of someone elses mistake.
Shivdatt agrees.

Sai says to Shivdatt and Devdhar they are each others strength and asks them to start fresh. Shivdatt and Devdhar hug eachother. Shivdatt says I heard about you from Das Guruji, and I had written a song on you and I wamt Devdhar to sing it. Devdhar gets emotional and says yes. Sai says I will definitely listen to the song but you will have to wait for some more time.

Revathi gets Rama breakfast, Rama says keep it there I will eat later. Revathi asks Rama why is she behaving weird. Rama thinks I have to stay away from her, she is possessed.
Madhavan gets ready and about to leave with Nanda, Revathi walks in and asks where are you going, Madhavan says I will eat breakfast later, me and Nanda have to go out. Revathi says you two are sneaking out past two days whats happening. Madhavan thinks if I tell her we go for dance practice, she will get furious. Madhavan says can’t I take my daughter on stroll, what will poor girl do all day sitting here and I am her father and I can take decisions for her and both leave.

Revathi gets suspicious and says why did Madhavan get so upset, I have to find out.
Revathi follows Madhavan and Nanda.

In Dwarka Mai, Sai asks Devdhar and Shivdatt to begin their song. Madhavan and Nanda reach dance practice.
Revathi hears the song and stops, she walks to Dwarka Mai. Sai pins the sketch to one of the columns. Revathi walks in and smiles looking at Sai. Revathi begins performing on the song.
Revathi sees the sketch.

pre cap: madhavan says to nanda, its late lets go before your mother comes here. revathi walks to them and slaps nanda.
revathi says to nanda that i won’t stay in shirdi anymore.
Revathi leaving, sai stops her and says i had made this sketch for you but you dropped it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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