Mere Sai 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update : Sai returns to Shirdi with Shishupal

Mere Sai 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai says to Shishupal, now it’s upto you, do you want to live your life with flow or try and work against odds and be happy. Sai says now I deserve my gift. Shishupal remembers his son saying it and says to Sai, after so long I am feeling good, I don’t know who you are buy I am happy but I have won and I feel like spending more time with you and so will come with you.
Sai says come to Shirdi with me.

Patil says to Baizmaa, I have always tried to follow Sai’s teachings and I guess may be I have done something wrong and this is why I am going through all this pain and illness. Baizmaa thinks why did I tell him about Karam discussion, his health is getting worst. Baizmaa says to Patil, have faith in Sai and all will be fine. Patil starts coughing hard and gets off his bed and starts walking, Tatya and Baizmaa ask him where are you going. Baizmaa says to Tatya, lets take him to Dwarka Mai, he will feel better in Sai’s aura. Tatya and Rambha take Patil to Dwarka Mai. Baizmaa prays to Sai.

Kulkarni asks Bhishma to do work for him and pays him and says I will remaining later and says whatever may happen, Sai shouldn’t come back in Shirdi. Bhishma leaves. Banta asks Kulkarni how will Bhishma stop him. Kulkarni says this is my trap.

Sai and Shishupal on their way to Shirdi. Shishupal says to Sai, he always had pain in his legs buts today he doesn’t feel any and feels lije everything is okay when I am with you. Sai says wait here I have some work and asks the women is Madhur home. She says he is not, Sai says I know his pain and just thing that when the pain is at peak the best things are near by and so you have to be with him and support him that he never takes any wrong step. She says what will we do, is there any way to get rid of this problems. Sai says you will have to come to Shirdi for that, whenever you feel all doors are closed come to Shirdi rest leave it to God.

Sai leaves with Shishupal. Sai says Shishupal we have almost reached Shirdi. Bhishma rushes to Sai and says come with me please save my wife. Sai says to Shishupal, you stay here I will come back. Sai leaves with Bhishma.
Bhishma says Sai I know only you can save her and takes him away in forest. Bhishma takes Sai to a forest. Sai says lets take that way. Bhishma says no this route is correct one lets go and thinks I will fool around for some more time with Sai.
Bhishma sees snakes approaching him on the way and gets scared.

At Dwarka Mai, everyone near Patil waiting for Sai. Malchapati says it’s time for sunset. Kulkarni walks in and says and that beggar is still not here. Tatya says Sai will surely come. Kulkarni says he has ranaway from Shirdi, and if doesn’t come back by sunset, Baizmaa will ask him to leave Shirdi. Baizmaa says to him, my son will come back. Kulkarni says this delay is going to cost you a lot Baizmaa. Patil says Baiza I will wait for Sai.

Snakes go closer to Bhishma, Sai asks snakes to stop and says let him go, he hasn’t done anything to you. Snakes go away. Bhishma thanks Sai for saving him, even when he has lied because of Kulkarni. Sai says our words have lot of power so always be careful. Bhishma apologies to Sai. Sai sees sun is setting and says we have to go quickly and leaves with Bhishma.

Santa says where is your Sai, Banta says enough Santaji. Kulkarni and Santa mocks Banta. Kulkarni says to everyone, Baizmaa has lost, Banta says Sai is here. A ray of light appears and Sai walks through it with Shishupal. Everyone gets emotional seeing Sai. Baizmaa says to Kulkarni, I told you a mother’s trust never loses my son is back and our devotion won. Sai walks in with Bhishma and Shishupal.
Bhishma says to Kulkarni, he couldn’t do his work of stopping Sai and returns the money. Kulkarni says stop trying to frame me, Bhishma is lying this is Sai’s plan to insult me and leaves in anger.

Sai says to Shishupal, come meet Patil. Sai asks Shishupal to touch Patil’s forehead.

Pre cap: Baizmaa asks Sai what is connection between Shishupal and Patil. Sai says to her don’t worry you will find all your answers, till then Shishupal is my guest and I want him to stay at your place.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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