Mere Sai 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update : Patil falls ill.

Mere Sai 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Digambar walks in and gives Ratan his papers back. Ratan thanks him. Digambar requests Sai to cure Neelkanth, Sai says your worry made him ill but now he is completely fine. Neelkanth and Digambar hug eachother. Neelkanth thanks Sai and says he feels so fit and fine like nothing ever happened to him. Sai says today I am hungry too and now Santosh and Digambar have bhiksha lets eat. Santosh says we will cook right away.

Malchapati says Sai its time for Holika Dehan. Santosh says you all go ahead we will cook and food.

During Pooja, Santosh and Digambar get Khichdi and ask Sai to taste it. Sai says its now balanced and you two have learned to balance and now keep this balance in your life and all will be fine.

Everyone in Shirdi does Holika Dehan. Sai asks Kamla and Neeraj to do Holika Dahan. Everyone pray.
Sai explains everyone how important is balance in everything and if there is no balance in life, humans will either hurt themselves or hurt others.

Sai in Pravachan explains, one who tries to hurt others will later be hurt and so if do bad, bad will return in form of loss, health and good deeds give back prosperity.

Sai gives Baizmaa Udhi and asks her to give it to Patil. Baizmaa asks Sai is bad health also because if Karma. Sai says no everytime but now don’t think about all this, now give this to Patil. Baizmaa says you scared me, I thought you meant Patil.

Tatya and Rambha near Patil. Patil in lot of pain, Patil says I don’t know how I fell so ill. Baizmaa walks in and says you wipl be fine, Sai gave this Udhi. Patil as it. Patil says I feel better now. Everyone pray to Sai and thank him.
Baizmaa says but you still have temperature. Patil says I can rest now and fever will come down too and goes to sleep.

Sai asks Rehana to give Methi from her garden for Bhiksha. Rehana says sure and gives it to Sai, Rehana asks Sai why Methi today? Sai looks worried and leaves.

Baizmaa worried as Patil’s temperature isn’t coming down. She gives him second dose as advised by Sai. Patil starts feeling pukish, Rambha gets him a bucket and he starts puking. Everyone hets worried.

A kid sees bottle guard and says Aai can make halwa for me, let me ask the owner but what if they deny. He looks around everywhere and steps in and but gets bitten by ants. Its Malchpatis house, Malchapati hears his voice comes out and asks whats wrong. He tries to runaway, Sai stops him and says to ants, he is been punished now leave him. Sai cures his blisters. Murli thanks Sai and tells he wanted bottle gourd for halwa and was worried if they would say no. Sai explains kid he shouldn’t behave this way. Murli apologies. Sai asks Malchapati for 2 bottle gourds one for himself and one for Murli.

Pre cap:
Sai visits Patil. Baizmaa asks Sai, why does he look so worried and why is Patil not able to have medicines.
Sai says medicine can’t cure him

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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