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The principle going through Arav’s scrapbook praises his artistic skills, however, she has some concerns for allowing him to sit in mid – term exams. Arav peeking through the window questions Neerja about his mother taking a lot of time to convince the principle. Neerja assures that there is no one whom Katha and Arav can not convince. Arav is excited to play for his school, he will be superhero in all skills related to sports and academia.

The principle is doubtful for Arav’s admission in this school. He has been homeschooled since play group, despite other skills his social skills of a concern here. Katha assures her about Arav’s social school, he is friends with both young and old people in the neighbor. Principle questions Katha for opting her school. It’s Arav’s dream to graduate from this school, other than that, the school is well reputed in both academia and extracurricular activities. The principle has doubts for giving admission to a home-schooled student in 5ht standard. Cancer came in their life un announced, yet they didn’t give up on life. Arav and Katha didn’t have an option, but the principle does. She requests the principle to give Arav the hardest admission test, he is a fighter.

Viaan research about Leukemia and its symptoms and ways to over come it. He reads how parents stuck in such situations are advised to hide their pain and anxiety to provide hope to their children. Viaan recalls all the events in which he doubted her. Only if he knew, Viaan wouldn’t have left her alone.

Arav gives the admission test. Neerja is amazed to see a child this excited for an exam. Jenny calls Katha to pick her resignation letter. Katha makes an excuse to have it emailed but it isn’t possible. Katha agrees to meet her after lunch. Katha goes to Neerja. Informs her how Viaan got to know the reality of Arav, she is sure that everyone in the office would have known about it. Neerja wonders how he got to know about it. Rewa always told her that the idea of Katha being a married woman would have her fired, now her bosses would be wondering how to fire an employee how already resigned. Neerja asks for clarification if Boss is the same person who came home few days back. Neerja is curious to know how Katha’s bosses got to know about her reality.
Ahsan comes to Viaan, questions him for turning off his cell phone. Everyone is really worried for him. Viaan apologizes. Ahsan understand that Viaan is feeling guilty but they can not be blamed, neither them nor anyone in the office knew about Katha’s situation. They all thought that her singleness if her strength, that she has no responsibility. Ahsan questions Viaan for feeling guilty, asks if Katha came asking to him about money. Viaan couldn’t answer. Ahsan asks him not feel pain, he wasn’t too harsh on her. Ahsan didn’t know about it despite calling her a friend. He couldn’t do anything before but can now only if Katha attends his call. Owing to her background and salary, collecting 1 crore is not a easy thing. Ahsan wonders how Katha did it. Viaan points out banks for providing loans.

After checking the paper, the principle asks Viaan if he cheated. Arav denies doing any such thing. Principle calls him a genius. Katha’s confidence proved to be right. Principle wonders how he attempted this paper. Cancer did it to him, since he was locked inside so something had to keep him busy and challenged, mathematics helped him. Other than that, the outside world fascinated Arav, social science paved way for him. Katha had him do all his homework. Principle informs them about their sports competition and how the batsman position is vacant this year.
They call come out of the office happily. Arav asks for a breakfast. Katha has to rush to EarthCon’s office one last time, she will meet them on the breakfast spot.

Kavita shows Reet the Ganpati Arav made her for her birthday. Reet points out Katha for have a calculated expenditure for this gift. There is nothing Kavita can not buy, but this gift is beyond any valuable they own. Reet wants Kavita to ask Katha about her salary, since they couldn’t help her for the operation in front of Mr. Garewal. She wonders who Katha arranged 1 crore for the operation. According to Reet, she came to us after being rejected by all the banks but Mr. Grewal refused as well. Reet wonders. Mr. Garewal thinks that Katha did a robbery, but to save an eight year old. It took a long time for Mr. Garewal to realize that a mother can cross all limits to save their sons. Reet will understand since she is about to become a mother again. Reet needs to visit the doctor. Kavita takes her for the appointment. Mr. Garewal recalls refusing to help Katha and the day he met Arav. He saw his gift, Arav’s mother fought alone and won alone as well.

The office staff feel bad for Katha, she can not raise a son by quitting her job. The employees really wonder why she hid her son’s cancer. Katha enters the office. The employee still wonders that the real cause of the resignation is something else, they office can not resolve an entire contract for one employee. Jeetu stops Katha, she proved his lifelong experience wrong. She could have informed that she was asking for loan for her son. He can guarantee that both Viaan and Ahsan would have helped her in their personal capacity. Katha asks him not to worry, her son Arav is all healthy now. Jeetu will pay him a visit. Katha came here to hand over though Jeetu feels like that similar to previous times Katha will solve this issue as well.

PRECAP: Viaan request Katha to tolerate him like she tolerated her son’s cancer. She can deal and kill this cancer as well, she does not need to leave this place. On her way out, Katha hears the team running short on time with the project work. They are worried for their job.

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