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The Episode starts with Advait thinking what to do, shall I tell dad. Satti asks who is she, how does she know Ekam. Rupy says Ekam would have told us if she had a connection with Jasmin. Satti says she maybe Jasmin’s daughter. Lovely says I will go and ask her. Abhiraj says she maybe someone similar to Jasmin. Advait takes Harleen aside and asks how dare you, what are you doing here, did Jazz send you. She says I have come to visit India, congrats, you got remarried and didn’t invite. He asks what do you want, what are you doing here. She says don’t worry, I didn’t come to do anything, I just came to enjoy. She sees Nehmat.

She asks him to go to Nehmat. She warns him and says I just want to enjoy, you also enjoy, take care. He says I want to talk. She says even I have to talk, but not now, see you. Harleen says enough of hide and seek, I think I should meet Nanu, Nani and all of them. She goes and greets them. She says Nanu and hugs Rupy. She hugs all of them. She asks how are you, why are you seeing me like this, you can ask me if you have a doubt, I will clear the doubt, I m Jasmin’s daughter. Satti cries and holds her. Harleen says my name is Harleen, I look like Jasmin, right, she is so nice, you just liked Tejo, you are happy that we both don’t stay here. Rupy says she would not tell you what she did here, she deserved this, so we broke relations with her. Satti stops him. Harman says come home tomorrow, we will have a talk. Harleen says I will surely come. Nehmat thinks she is the same girl who was dancing with Ekam, what is she talking to Nanu and Nani. Rama asks Nehmat to come and meet someone. Rupy asks is Jasmin in Moga. Harleen says no, she isn’t here, she asked me not to meet you all, but I have come. Satti says I don’t want any problem here, we will talk at home. Harleen turns and sees Ekam. He asks why didn’t you tell me, you are Jasmin’s daughter. Harleen asks how does it matter. Ekam says Nehmat’s parents were troubled because of your mom. Harleen says I don’t want to know what she did, I m not like that, Jasmin tried to separate Nehmat’s parents, didn’t you try to separate Advait and Nehmat. He asks was the purpose same. Harleen asks what’s the big deal, my mom had moved on, don’t compare me with her, come, we will go and have some food. Nehmat asks who was that girl, I couldn’t see her face. Rupy says she is Jasmin’s daughter. Nehmat asks what, she has another daughter. Naaz thinks she has sent her daughter, is this her trump card, but she didn’t d anything, Advait and Nehmat are getting famous. Satti says we will talk about this later, take care. The Sandhus leave.

Nehmat says does Ekam know who is Harleen, Jasmin can’t do anything good, Harleen is in Ekam’s life, I have to go and talk to Harleen. Veronica gets conscious. She gets angry on Advait and goes to expose him. Ekam says I will drop you home, come. Harleen asks is Nehmat’s presence troubling you. Ekam recalls Nehmat. Harleen turns and sees Ekam. She says what a surprise, I think you were also eager to meet me, I m Harleen Ahluwalia. Advait says shall I call Jazz or shall I tell dad. Guard says we checked cctv footage, someone was shutting Veronica in a room, but now she has come out. Advait asks what. Harleen asks is Ekam there in your life. Nehmat asks what does she want. Harleen says I m stubborn, I will get what I want. Nehmat says yes, you are stubborn like your mom, I want to know if you are playing a game like her. Harleen says mom told me she is famous here, are you thinking that I will hurt Ekam, not at all, you are hurting her, I want him to move on, I want to take care of him, trust me. Nehmat says you want me to trust you that you are different, you might have come to spoil others’ happiness. Harleen says this is your call, trust me or not, you get away from Ekam now, I love Ekam, you got married to Advait, enjoy your married life, leave Ekam.

Advait goes to Shamsher. He says Veronica is around, do something. Shamsher asks where is Nehmat. Nehmat meets the reporters. Shamsher says go and stand with her. Advait says do something of Veronica. Shamsher says Veronica wants to prove that you have no relation with your wife, I will fail her plan. He makes an announcement. He says Advait and Nehmat are going to become parents soon. Advait and Nehmat look at him shocked. Even the family is shocked. Advait looks at Nehmat. Shamsher says a new member is coming in the family, I m going to become Dadi. Veronica and Harleen look on from far.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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