Udaariyaan 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat saves Harleen

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The Episode starts with Ekam praying and lighting the holika. Nehmat thinks where are you Harleen. Shamsher calls Advait and asks where are you. Advait says I m making your name shine, you have specialty of killing people, I have also killed Harleen and made her lie on the pyre. Shamsher is shocked. Advait says I m waiting to see her burning. Shamsher says your deed will make us die. Advait says I didn’t have intention, I slapped her and she fainted, she will burn with holika. Nehmat calls Harleen. She sees the phone. Shamsher says go and stop it. Advait laughs and says I can’t stop now. Nehmat gets the phone. She says where is Harleen. She runs. Ekam burns the holika. Nehmat says its Harleen’s shoe. Advait says happy holi, holika is burning, her death certificate will come tomorrow. Shamsher asks where are you, come home quickly, else I will come to take you. Ekam goes to see Nehmat.

Advait leaves. Ekam asks Nehmat to come. Nehmat says Harleen’s phone and shoes, I told you she is in some problem. Ekam says wait, I will see. She prays. She sees the marks and follows. She sees the burning holika. She throws the phone and shoes. She runs. She sees the dupatta and runs. She brings a stick and makes the burning wood away. Ekam stops her. Nehmat says Harleen. Ekam also runs and helps her.

Rupy asks what happened. Nehmat says Harleen is inside. They all get shocked. They bring water and put off the fire. They see Harleen. Harleen falls. Satti shouts. Ekam and Nehmat get Harleen out of the holika wood. Rupy asks what happened, are you fine. Shamsher scolds Advait. He says your dad also couldn’t do anything for you now. Advait asks what shall I do, Nehmat and Harleen have made me mad, I will not leave them, I won’t forget what they did, I will kill them. Nehmat prays for Harleen. Ekam says we will take her to hospital. Harleen holds Nehmat’s hand. Nehmat says Harleen held my hand, get water. Ekam makes Harleen drink some water. Harleen gets conscious. They all ask her who did this. Harleen recalls Advait. Ekam says who did this. Harleen says Advait. Nehmat hugs her. Ekam gets angry and shouts Advait Kapoor. Ekam arrests Advait and drags him. Kapoor family shouts.

Ekam beats up Advait. Shamsher asks where are you taking him. Ekam brings Advait to the police station. Advait laughs and says you did what you wanted, you can just do this, I will show my status, I m MLA, you won’t know how I disappear you. Nehmat and Harleen come. Advait gets shocked seeing Harleen alive. She slaps Advait counting his crimes. Harleen also slaps him. Ekam smiles. They go on slapping Advait and scold him.

Advait gets angry and goes to catch them. Ekam stops him and pushes him back. He asks inspector to take Advait and put attempt to murder charge. Ekam and the police staff claps. Advait says I will not leave you three, I m Shamsher’s son, Advait Kapoor. Nehmat and Harleen hold hands.

Naaz calls Jasmin and asks her to help her. Jasmin asks what’s the matter, tell me, Harleen isn’t taking my call. Shamsher looks at Naaz. Naaz says Harleen gave the marriage news to the media, police arrested Advait, do something, else my Sasural family will get angry on me, ask Harleen to take back the charges. Jasmin says I know she did wrong, but she can’t put fake charges on Advait, I will discuss with Harleen first and then decide. Shamsher takes the phone and says its about my son, ask your daughter to take the complaint back, else I don’t know what I will do. She says fine, your work will be done in 12 hours. He says better. Jasmin says Harleen made a big mistake.

Satti asks Harleen to have haldi milk. Harleen says I don’t like it. Nehmat asks her to drink it. She holds the hot glass and gets hurt. Harleen takes the glass from her hand. She says you saved my life. Nehmat says you did a lot for me. They both share the haldi milk. Rupy smiles and recalls Tejo and Jasmin. He says I m proud of them.

Renuka says its good Advait is in jail, DIG will call you back on duty, stay away from Sandhus and Kapoors, its good for us. Ekam says you worry for your children, not of Nehmat and Harleen, I will get Advait punished, Nehmat is free, Advait and Nehmat have no relation, I have all rights on her, I love her, I don’t need to prove it, she is my first and last love, I never felt that I can get her back in my life, I did as you said, but not now, I m going there to play holi, you should be happy that my peace is returning, I m happy, I will get my love, you worry for me, I m happy, I want you to get happy in my happiness. Harleen thinks I hope I unite Ekam and Nehmat on holi.

Shamsher argues with Jasmin. He threatens her. Sargun dances with Harleen and Nehmat. Ekam smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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