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The Episode starts with Puneet saying I won’t teach anything to Raj. Raj asks why, you have to teach me. Manmeet says Saas always teaches bahus, now you have teach Raj, you both handle this, don’t involve me in this. Ajeet laughs and says even I won’t get into this. Raj says we will start from tomorrow morning. Puneet says okay. At night, Puneet says you should have supported me, you agreed to Manmeet so soon, if we don’t stay here, then Raj may forget this, I know Manmeet did everything different but its too much if Raj handles the house, what will happen if Raj’s family knows. Raj goes live and says I m Rajkumar Yadav, I want your love, I studies Architecture but I m a household husband now. Bhairav and Choti see the video. Ajeet says I m proud of him. He goes to get water. Raj asks Ajeet to come. He introduces Ajeet to his fans.

He says Ajeet has become my good friend, we both have great talks. Raj goes offline. Ajeet says I want your promise, these two will agree if you support me. Ajeet says all the best, and hugs him. He goes. Choti says Raj said something like that when Manmeet insulted us a lot, you should have ended their relation.

Choti says Raj is your son, even if he is bad, you didn’t click such pic with me. Bhairav goes to remove the pic. Murari says don’t do this. Choti smiles. Manmeet wishes good morning to Anmol. She says Raj, get up. Puneet says let him sleep. Manmeet says he asked me to wake him up. Ajeet also comes to wake him up. Raj says I was already up, I was acting to be sleeping. Manmeet asks do you want to clean his potty. Raj says yes, see you guys, bye. Servant says Raj didn’t come to the office, Mishra says he doesn’t come to office these days, so I got the tiffin back. Nirali worries and says maybe he got cold. Badi says don’t worry, I will call him. Choti comes and sits to have kheer. She says Raj and my likes are same. Nirali asks her to learn making the kheer. Choti taunts her. Raj says I will try and learn, you have done everything, its cheating. Ajeet comes. Raj says see, I have made kachoris, eat and tell me how is it. Ajeet says it should get brown. Raj says thanks for saying. He serves the hot kachoris. Ajeet jokes on it. Puneet stamps his feet. Ajeet says its good. Raj says I will feed it to Manmeet also. He gets the eggs delivered. He sees Anmol and drops the eggs. Puneet says wait, I will clean. Ajeet says let him do, don’t be careless, I don’t like stains. Raj cleans the floor. Nirali comes home. She sees Raj cleaning the floor. She gets shocked. Raj asks her to come in.

Nirali says I called you, you didn’t answer, I learnt you aren’t coming to office, I thought you are unwell, I should have called and come, you are okay. Raj asks Nirali to come. Puneet and Ajeet ask her to sit. Raj says you came alone, you should have got dad along. She sees Anmol playing. Raj says its nothing as you are thinking. Ajeet says we were having fun to tease Puneet. Nirali says I didn’t ask anything, he left the house. Raj serves the kachori and asks how is it. She says its good. He says I have made it. She asks is it a joke. Ajeet says no, he made it. Puneet says he wanted to learn making kachoris and asked my help. Raj asks how did you like it. Nirali gets upset.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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