Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The naagin takes icchadhari form shocking Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baba telling Oswals that the naagin has entered home, she is somewhere here, near us. He says we have to do everything fast, before the moonlight comes. He asks them to go inside the house and close all the doors and windows of the house, and says if the moonlight falls on her, then she will become icchadhari naagin. Simar says she can’t take icchadhari avatar in our presence. Aarav says Oswals are powerful, Naagin’s power is nothing. Gajendra says we can defeat death also. Simar says our other name is truthfulness and honesty. Gajendra says we will win. Badimaa and others runs inside and asks everyone to close all the doors and windows, and says the moonlight shall not come inside. The naagin brings the heavy wind from her mouth, while everyone tries to close all doors and windows. She makes the baba run out of the door due to the wind and then the door gets closed. Everyone runs to close the door and windows. Simar comes to the window and sees not even a leaf moving and sees the heavy wind in the house. She asks Mata Rani to protect her family and closes the window.

Chandini asks her naagin sister to take her icchadhari avatar and teach a lesson to Oswals, show what you are. The naagin blows a poisonous smoke from her mouth which makes all Oswals cough and suffocated. Simar asks everyone not to lose their courage and take breath. She sees everyone fainting and falling down. Everyone has fainted except Simar. Chandini smiles and asks Simar to go and open the door and windows, else this poisonous air will kill everyone. Simar opens the window. Chandini comes infront of her and asks why this poisonous smoke is not effecting you. Chandini says I am neither ordinary nor a human. She turns and sees blue snake coming there. The moonlight falls inside the house, on the blue naagin, and she takes icchadhari avatar shocking Simar. The blue naagin comes infront of her, and tells that she doesn’t put bad sight, but just bite. She walks towards Simar and then hugs her. Simar is scared. The naagin says don’t be scared, I heard so much about you, a dutiful daughter, wife, daughter in law and everything. She says you are like me and can take any avatars.

She asks who are you, Simar…if you are human or God and laughs. She says if you was God, then your family wouldn’t have been in this state, and says it feels bad to see your family in this state, and says family is such. She says if the loved ones get hurt then our hearts cry. She gets emotional and then laughs, and says you met my family and looks at Chandini. She says this was my sister in law, and that was my saas, and my husband was killed by you all. Simar recalls Badimaa’s words and says we didn’t kill him intentionally, it was an accident. She says he had attacked us, and we were trying to save us and the accident happened. The naagin says you took his life, and says you shall save your family’s life now, and I will see to what extent you can go, to save your family. Simar asks what you want to do? The naagin says she wants to take revenge so that all humans remember for years. She comes to Aarav. Simar runs and comes there. The naagin says so he is Aarav Oswal, we met with each other, so we shall send your husband to meet my husband, where he sent him. Simar says you will not do anything like this.

The naagin says ok, I will leave him, but will kill her (Badimaa). Simar says my family didn’t do any mistake, your naag had possessed my husband’s body, we want that body and don’t have any enmity with your naag. The naagin then looks at Reema. Simar runs to protect her. Naagin says so she is your sister. Simar says we didn’t kill your naag, it was an accident, your naag tried to kill my Maa, whom you have killed and taken your revenge. She says she will not let her take anyone’s life and says this is promise of Simar Aarav Oswal. Sasural Simar ka plays…..She stops Naagin from touching Reema and says I will not let you attack anyone.

Precap: The naagin tells Simar that everyone’s lives are in danger and tells that the ring will find its prey. She asks her to catch it before that. Simar runs and catches it and her size becomes small.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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