Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The blue naagin enters Oswal Mansion

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Simar asking her family members not to get weak and strengthen their courage for Sandhya. Gajendra says even Sandhya wants us to be courageous. Aditi says I will not break. Aarav promises Sandhya that they will face any problem altogether. Later Simar lights the diya infront of Sandhya’s photo. She begins singing kya kehna song. Aarav and others also sing and they all dance in line holding their hands, showing their unity. Later all the family members do the puja altogether. Chandini’s mother asks what is today, that they are doing puja. Chandini says don’t know. Her mother says we shall go and ask them. She pretends to be blind. Chandini brings her near the Oswals, and asks if there is any festival today. Badimaa says today is a big day, tonight is Poornima night. Chandini asks what is special about it.

Badimaa is about to tell her, when Simar says Baba has come. They all go out. baba draws a line with white powder and says the work is done. Chandini and her mother are shocked. Her mother says this can’t happen and is about to fall behind, but Chandini holds her hand. Reema asks what happened? Chandini says nothing. She tells her mother that they shall be careful with this white line. After everyone goes inside to do the havan, Chandini feels the jerk while trying to cross the line, and says we are part of snake family and that’s why this line effect us too. She says she will do something today, Didi has to come today. Baba tells everyone that he will do havan all night, and tells that he is sure that the naagin will not come today. Naagin is standing outside the gate and says nobody can stop me from coming inside. She becomes snake.

Simar and all the family members are sitting for havan. Chandini is standing outside and asks the snake not to come inside, else she will die. She sees blood on the blue naagin trying to cross the line and shouts no. Everyone hears her scream and goes out. They see Chandini outside and asks why did you shout. Simar says this is the same naagin, who had attacked us, and says it is dead. Badimaa says baba made this line, so that the naagin leaves, but she came and died. Simar takes a white color cloth and takes the naagin inside, so that baba can do her last rites. She takes the naagin inside and tells baba that the naagin died. Baba says this is not that blue snake and says you might have done some mistake. Simar says no baba and tells that this is blue naagin. They see color on Simar’s hand. Aarav says they have distracted us. Simar finds that the naagin which died is of black color. Chandini asks her sister to come inside and says she has to sacrifice their soldier for their entry. The naagin enters. Baba asks Simar if the line was there or wiped. They run out and see the line wiped. Baba tells that the naagin entered.

Precap: Chandini asks her sister to show her power to everyone. Everyone faints due to her poisonous wind she spits. Simar asks Chandini why she is not getting effected by the poison. Chandini says I am neither human nor ordinary. Simar is shocked to see blue naagin turning into icchadhari avatar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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