Saavi Ki Savaari 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Dimpy tries to stain Saavi’s character

Saavi Ki Savaari 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nityam asking Saavi to show her phone. He checks her phone. Saavi says Mr. Dalmia, please and holds his hand. Nityam says fine and gives mobile to her. He says go, else you will get a chance to hurt yourself and tell everyone that I hurt you. Saavi says I am telling you for the last time, I have nothing to do with whatever Mama said. Nityam thinks where did she go so late in night. Saavi comes to Raksham’s room and says you messaged me. Shivam says I didn’t message you, and tells that may be I had delivered before. Dimpy closes the door from outside. Saavi tells Shivam that she has ordered pineapple cake and also invited Lalit and Joshi kaka. Shivam says I will do arrangements like in childhood, and the video of Gattu and Bittu are ready. He hopes Nityam understands him and forgives him once. Saavi says yes, even I want all his old wounds heals and he shall not get bad dreams, so that he can trust everyone. Dimple calls Lawyer and tells that Saavi and Pyaare mohan are in the room. Lawyer says his family and Nityam shall see, the only adultery case will be made. Dimpy says now masala game will happen. She laughs talking dirty. Saavi asks Shivam to rest and says I will go. She finds the door locked and tells Shivam. She says someone might have closed from outside. She knocks on the door, and says open the door. Dimpy laughs. Shivam knocks on the door.

Dimpy calls Nutan. Hrishikesh asks her to put phone on speaker. Dimpy asks them to come to Dalmia house and see what big kand their daughter has done. Hrishikesh says lets go. Nutan says I will go there and will see. Hrishikesh asks Ratna if she shall take the family or go alone like she is a criminal. Ratna says we didn’t have understanding of rich people and their doings. She says we shall go there. They leave. Nityam is sleeping on his bed. Vedika comes there and sings happy birthday dear Bittu. Nityam gets happy. Vedika says this year shall be peaceful and asks him to be smiling always. Nityam thanks her and says I need to sleep, and has to go to office early. She asks where is Saavi? Dimpy shouts and calls everyone. Everyone comes to hall. Dada ji asks why you are shouting, UD sleeping after much difficulty. Nityam sees Nutan and others, and says you are here. Dimpy tells that she is shocked and confused and that’s why called everyone here. Vedika says you got confused that you called lawyer also, and asks what is the matter? Dimpy says I was hungry sometime back, and went to kitchen to ask pyaare mohan to make food. She says he was not there, so I went to Servants’ quarters. She says she saw Saavi was going to Pyaare Mohan’s room. Vedika says so what is the big deal, she must have gone for somework.

Dimpy says even I thought the same and was waiting outside. She says the door was locked from inside for long. Shivam and Saavi are still locked. Dimpy says what Saavi was doing in cook pyaare mohan’s room. Nutan says you called us for this nonsense, we will go back. Lawyer asks her to wait till the matters get cleared. Hrishikesh says I will clear you, and says Dimpy is saying anything against our daughter. Dada ji says the truth will not change. Vedika says do you think that Saavi can do this. Dada ji says we shall see ourself. Vedika asks Nityam to say that Saavi can’t do this,

Lawyer tells Nityam that Saavi is with her Servant late night, in her room so you can file case against her for betrayal and illegitimate relation. He says this thing can effect other thing also. Dimpy asks him to say clearly. Lawyer says adultery case will be filed and then Nityam don’t have to give anything to her. Hrishikesh says you are doing this drama so that you don’t need to give anything to her. Dimpy says nobody has the habit to ruin her character, she says she called everyone and locked the door so that Saavi can’t come out. She asks Nityam and others to come. They come outside pyaare mohan’s room. Dimpy opens the lock.

Saavi and Shivam are standing holding her phone. Nityam looks at the bed. Hrishikesh gets shocked. Nityam goes out upset. Dimpy says I was telling truth and that’s why called all the family here, says I am sorry Nityam. Saavi and Shivam come out. Dimpy asks Nityam to ask Saavi, what is she doing in Servant’s room. Saavi asks what are you saying? Dimpy asks if you are habitual to get yourself insulted. She asks her what she was doing in the Servant’s room late at night. Shivam gets angry and says how cheap you are talking, she is like my younger sister. Dada ji says it is not good to be in the room with someone else, and asks Saavi what she wants to clarify. Dimpy says what good birthday gift, you have given to Nityam, and says happy birthday Nityam. Nutan says stop it. Himesh asks her to ask her daughter to have some shame, and stop all this.

Shivam tells Saavi that time has come to tell truth to everyone, with proofs. He says I will go and bring Gattu and Bittu’s videos. He goes. Hrishikesh says I can’t believe that rich people can stoop this low. Dimpy says excuse me, Mr. He says I am Hrishikesh Khandelwal, I am not weak like my siblings and will not get scared. Shivam brings the laptop and tells Saavi that the video is deleted, don’t know how. Dimpy asks what you both are whispering to each other, and says don’t make any excuse, your truth is out infront of everyone. Saavi says enough Dimpy ji, you said whatever you want to say, now it is my turn. She walks towards Nityam. Shivam thinks don’t break your marriage due to me. Saavi goes to Nityam and says whatever the accusations and sins are slapped on me, it will not effect me, as I know what is my truth. She says I will not clarify to anyone, as what matters to me, is what you think about me. She asks if you believe Dimpy ji, and feel that I can betray you, if you doubt my purity, loyalty, and truth. She asks him to say. Dimpy smirks. Everyone waits for Nityam to say.

Precap: Vedika sees pyaare mohan drinking water in Raksham’s style and realizes he is Raksham. Sonam tells Dimpy that Raksham is alive and is staying as pyaare mohan. Vedika is stunned to see her Gattu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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