Saavi Ki Savaari 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shivam tries to prove Himesh’s lie

Saavi Ki Savaari 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saavi coming to Vedika and saying you called me? Vedika shows her silbatta and says you wanted to injure your hand to stop your divorce. Saavi says no, and tells that she wants to hurts herself rather than hurting others, before I could do something, Himesh ji…Vedika says nobody knows if Himesh has done this or not. She says if you try to harm yourself then our relation will break. Dimpy calls Giridhar and says because of you, my Himu had the poison. Giridhar says I remember that you asked for it, telling that two fat rats are here. Dimpy says why will I leave the Diwali party and come to kill the rat. She says you might have left the poison which Himesh got. She blames him. Giridhar cries and apologizes. Dimpy asks him to keep his mouth shut.

Saavi asks Tashvi, what did Doctor say? Tashvi says Doctor said that my Papa will be fine, due to the timely help by you and your mother. Saavi says you are not holding me responsible for his step. Tashvi says Papa can’t do this for money, as he loves himself. Saavi thanks her. Himesh hears them. He comes out and asks dimpy why everyone is saying that I tried to give my life. Dimpy says you had just food poisoning and I told that you had poison as Saavi snatched your property. He says why will I take my life for the property. He says what Tashvi will think. Dimpy says your daughter will give you respect when you get the property.

Nityam comes to Vedika and says he doesn’t understand what to do, even if he tries to do something good, then something bad happens. He says I agreed to give property to Himesh Chachu due to UD, then Saavi Goel. He says don’t know how to solve this confusion. Shivam comes there and asks them to have tea. Nityam asks if you was hearing our personal talks, and asks him to take the tea from there, and says I drink tea made by me and maa. Shivam says God, please make my little brother like Sir ji, that pyaare’s tea solves all confusions. He asks him to drink once. Vedika recalls Raksham asking God to make Bittu understand, when Gattu is here then what is the need to worry. She asks Nityam to drink tea. Vedika says your behavior is also lovely. Shivam says when you people are lovely, my behavior will be lovely too, Maa ji. Nityam asks him to call him Madam, and says she is just my mother. Shivam says sorry and goes. Nityam asksVedika not to search Raksham in everyone, says he is chef and not Raksham. Vedika asks him to think from heart. Nityam regrets to hire Pyaare mohan. Later Shivam sees Giridhar trying to run away from home. Giridhar says Himesh had poison because of him. shivam says you are innocent and didn’t do anything. He says if you go from here, then Police will catch you. He asks him to go to room. Saavi comes there and tells Shivam that Himesh didn’t have poison. Shivam says his brother had taken his life. Saavi says but Himesh ji can’t do this, and doubts Dimpy, then thinks she will not harm her husband. Shivam tells Saavi that Giridhar was blaming himself and shows the poison bottle. Saavi says Giridhar can’t even kill the rat and says if you could prove that Himesh didn’t attempt suicide due to property then. Shivam says I understood what to do.

Himesh comes to his room and sees reflection. He sees someone walking towards him holding the knife. Shivam comes there and laughs, says it is butter knife. Himesh gets scared and asks him to leave. Shivam asks him to say why did he say that he had poison? Himesh pushes him and runs calling Nityam. Shivam comes behind him. Nityam asks if everything is fine. Himesh says he threatened to kill me. Shivam says I was not attacking him, it is butter knife. Himesh asks why did you sit in my room. Shivam says I want to show everyone that you are a coward and says you are scared of butter knife and lying to everyone. UD says you got job just today and you are doing this. Shivam says Giridhar ji is leaving the house, as he thought that Himesh ji had poison because of him. Dimpy says Himesh had poison. Shivam asks Himesh to swear on his daughter and say. Himesh says I don’t believe on this. Tashvi asks him to say that it is food poisoning. She says I know my Papa, my Papa can’t do this. Dimpy thinks tell what I asked you to say. Himesh says I had drank cleaner, and says the outsider girl is taking half property from my nephew, and that’s why I got angry. He says Pyare mohan’s job is to cut the vegetables and make food. Dimpy says he is Saavi’s man and she bribed him to do this. Nityam asks him to leave.

Precap: Nityam asks Saavi to sign on the divorce papers and leave from there, so that I can give 50 percent to Himesh dalmia. Saavi says I will not move back from my word, but can do a favor on you, and can give you time till your birthday to think. Dimpy asks the divorce lawyer to tell a way, that the divorce happens, and Saavi don’t get even a rupee. Lawyer says if it is proved that Saavi has relation with someone. Dimpy thinks it will be fun when this rickshaw wali’s respect will be ruined, seeing Shivam and Saavi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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