Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi makes a request to Kavya

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly asking if we will come on road. Harneet scolds her. Dolly asks didn’t you see that Prateik warned us that he will not leave us. Mandeep says nothing will happen. Gulshan says I told him right that Ravi and Kavya will marry tomorrow itself, and says we will give money to his Chacha to close his mouth. Amar says yes, marriage will happen tomorrow. Dolly thinks to make arrangements for her saree and make up. Prateik comes home. Kinjal asks if Ravi will come to take Prati di. Prateik asks Hansa to make tea and asks her to add more sugar. She says I am your wife and cares for you. He asks Kinjal and Parul to massage his shoulder and says he is tired. Parul asks if Ravi will come. Pratiksha says he will not come. Prateik says he is a coward and didn’t come infront of me. He says if he would have come, then I would have dragged him here, but then also his family will not accept Pratiksha. Hansa asks why didn’t you ask money we spent on the marriage. Prateik says money is not everything, my daughters’ happiness is everything to me. He asks Hansa to make tea. Prateik motivates Pratiksha to walk on her new aim.

Ravi is restless thinking about Gulshan’s announcement. He recalls his marriage with Pratiksha, recalls dumping her. He thinks why is he restless, he had promised Keerti that he will marry Kavya, then why he wants to run away from here. He thinks how to stop the marriage. He then asks himself that he has taken the revenge, but then also he is not getting peace. He tells himself that he has not done right by leaving Kavya on mandap.

Mandeep comes there and says you have taken revenge, now you are one steps away from happiness. She reminds him of his promise made to Keerti. Ravi asks her not to remind him again and again and says he agreed to marry Kavya as she attempted suicide. He says she will again attempt it to convince us always. Mandeep says Ravi. Ravi says I left Pratiksha on your sayings. Mandeep says you wanted her to stay here, and says you are mourning as she is gone. He says give me some time. Mandeep says Mata rani gave us some time to reconcile two families. She asks him to think about Kavya, asks him to get his sherwani stitched.

Pratiksha thinks Ravi has ruined her sisters’ lives as well. She thinks she will not let her sisters’ lives be ruined. Kinjal wakes up and asks if she didn’t sleep. Pratiksha says I was thinking about Chachu’s words, and tells that marriage happened though he married me for revenge, but the marriage have happened. She says what was the need for Ravi to do this. Kinjal says whom you trust after Maa and Papa. Pratiksha says Chachu and Chachi. Kinjal asks her to move on in life, forgetting everything. Pratiksha says Chachu was telling that we have to set our own destination, says she will walk and will reach her destination. Kinjal says this is Gujju teacher Prati di. Pratiksha says she will not sit at home. She says people will taunt and then will be quiet. Kinjal says there is a morning after every night. Prateik knocks on the door and comes inside. He asks if I can stay here. They ask what happened? Prateik asks if I can stay here, as your Chachi threw me out of the room. Kinjal asks why you are talking in low tone. Prateik says your Chachi. Kinjal says she is not here. Parul wakes up and asks if they were talking about Maha shivratri. Prateik says I told in temple that Pratiksha will decorate the temple. Parul says she is hungry and will have bread jam. They go to kitchen and make bread jam sandwich. They have a good time laughing. Prateik and the girls run out of kitchen.

Precap: Kavya comes to Ravi’s room and sees Kavya weds Ravi’s frames and cards. She gets happy. She says I wish I could have enjoyed all this with you, but didn’t happen. She says problem left so it is ok. She says I will change the room color once I get married to you, will change you also. Ravi asks what? Kavya says there will be serious romance, and says we will be friends, but can have some romance. Ravi says we will be only friends. Kavya says I was getting bored so came here, and says she will go. Ravi asks her to sit and says you are not fully fit, and asks don’t you think that our parents are hurrying up for marriage. Kavya says I am in this condition as you married behenji. Ravi says it is happening in a hurry and asks if we can delay it. Kavya says yes and holds her forehead, says she is getting stressed, but will manage. Ravi holds her as she falls. He lifts her. Kavya thinks one day he will love her. Mandeep sees them and prays for their togetherness.

Amardeep organizes the arrangements for the marriage. Gulshan says I want to talk to you. He apologizes for his anger. Amar says no sorry and no thank you in friendship. Gulshan asks who will hug me? Amar hugs him. Mandeep says I just pray that this marriage happens with Mata rani’s blessings. Beeji says it will not happen.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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