Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Prateik motivates Pratiksha to fight for her rights

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 10th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kinjal getting angry on Ravi, and says a big betrayal, first he married you and then abandoned you. She asks her to come to her house with her. Pratiksha asks why I shall go there, where nobody respects me, he don’t love me. Kinjal says why he married you, then, you was getting married to Malhar, so why he interrupted. Hansa thinks now she said right. Kinjal says I will take revenge for you. Prateik comes home and asks Hansa to see what he brought for her. He shows the snacks. Hansa asks didn’t you bring black bedsheet to hide our faces. Prateik asks what you are saying? Hansa says your niece Pratikha came back. Prateik is happy. Hansa says pratiksha’s stomach is filled with taunts and even mine. Prateik asks what hapepend? Kinjal says she will reply to Chachi. Pratiksha cries. Prateik says I will ask her. Hansa says Ravi has thrown Pratiksha on the road and left. Prateik says I will not leave him. Hansa asks what you will do. Prateik says there is no use of talking to you.

Manvi tells Mandeep that something bad is going to happen. Mandeep says I will not let anything bad happen, Ravi went to drop her. Ravi returns and tells that he had a small injury. Mandeep goes to bring antiseptic. He asks Manvi, how is Kavya? Manvi says when you didn’t want to marry her, then why did you promise? Mandeep asks Manvi to forget it. Manvi asks if she shall forget Kavya’s pain and Gulshan’s insult. She says Kavya took your name just as she gained consciousness, but she is nothing for you. Ravi says it is not true. Manvi says my daughter wants to give life for Ravi, who don’t love her. She says Keerti is our daughter too, we would have taken revenge from Pratiksha, what was the need for you to marry her. Mandeep says we will show your daughter to counseller. Manvi says your son needs counseller, and not my daughter. Mandeep thinks she has to unite Ravi and Kavya to make everything fine.

Pratiksha recalls Ravi leaving her on the road. She looks at the bangles in her hand and cries. She says what sin I have done that I am getting punished, that my destiny did this. She says you have made fun of mangalsutra, why you are punishing me for your misunderstanding and made fun of marriage and its rituals. She removes bangles from her hand and keeps them on the dressing table. She holds her mangalsutra and recalls Ravi making her wear it forcibly. She pulls the mangalsutra from her neck and throws it on the floor. Kinjal, Parul and Prateik come there and get shocked. Pratiksha wipes her tears. Prateik asks if Ravi and you had some argument or fight, he tells that no injustice will happen to you. Pratiksha says nothing can happen now. She says I will wipe Keerti’s murder charges from my forehead, but can’t wipe the fact that my husband left me. She says I never hurt anyone, then why this is happening with me. Prateik says you always thought good of everyone, and says Ravi is having a bad destiny that he couldn’t identify you and says when he realize his mistake, he will regret. He says he had taken diamond to his house, whom he left. He says he threw the happiness out of his house.

Pratiksha says my destiny is bad, my parents died when I was marrying before, and when I was marrying, someone came and married me, and then left me. She says she was happy, now she will have just the tears given by Ravi. She asks why did Ravi do this with me? Parul asks Prateik to do something and says Ravi did wrong with Di. She cries. Hansa says Chachu will not do anything and says you both can fight with me then why can’t you solve this problem. Prateik asks her not to care for his daughters, but don’t stop him. Hansa asks what is my right, I have to do work all day, but I don’t have the right to say. Prateik asks her to accept them from heart first and fulfill their responsibilities. He asks her to love them, and says you didn’t love them and that’s why Ambe Maa kept your lap empty. He tells Pratiksha that he will shield her, and will be with her. He says all your life problems will end, Ravi Randhawa has to accept you, even if he has to accept you cryingly or happily. He says I will bring the same smile on your face again. Pratiksha says I don’t want to fight. Prateik says you have to win from yourself, then you will not lose from anyone. Pratiksha says I can’t hurt Chachi and you. Prateik says you are my pride, if you cry then your Chacha will break too, and your Maa and Bau ji will break too. She says they might be in pain seeing you crying, and asks her to show to the society that a girl knows to get her respect back. He says Ravi Randhawa has to reply for all your tears.

Precap: Ravi tells that Pratiksha will know how it feels when someone loses his love. Adi asks Ravi to come. Gulshan slaps Adi. Ravi warns him. Kavya tells Manvi that if Dad wants to see her alive then shall accept her and Ravi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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