Parineeti 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti plans to kick Pari out of the house

Parineeti 17th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neeti says you brought this distance between us. Sanju says what did I do? She says you slept on the couch. He says I am sorry. You were shoving me away like I did sin. She says so you didn’t? Neeti says let me sleep. Sanju says please tell me what’s wrong. This is bothering me. Neeti says good night. Sanju sleeps on the couch. He says Bebe was right. Something has gone wrong after the wedding.

Scene 2
Pari gets things ready for the pooja. Chandrika says you should rest. She says our village women work in the village. Chandrika says you won’t work. Pari says I am fine. She is about to fall. Sanju holds the ladder. He says carefully. Sanju says get down or I will hold this ladder Can’t let you fall. They set up the garland. Sanju gives her hand to come down. Neeti looks at them. Bebe says to see the truth with open eyes. Sanju says to Pari we are wearing the same shade of pink. Bebe says see what are they doing. Gurinder gives her necklace to Pari. She says my MIL gave me when I was pregnant. Now you have right on it. She says no this child is Neeti’s and Neeti deserves to get this locket. Gurinder says you’re also my DIL. Pari says Neeti has right on everything. Gurinder says you’re so nice. I never valued you. Please forgive me. If Id didn’t do this mistake you would have been Sanju’s wife and my DIL. Pari says Neeti is perfect for Sanju. She will take care of everything. Give her this necklace. Gurinder says okay I will do that if you say. She gives her another gift. Pari says thank you. Gurinder says my blessings are always with you. Neeti looks at them.

Bebe says to Neei this is why I asked you to open your eyes. You can cry all your life now. If you listen to me you can change all this. We can fix this. Do as I say. You will get everything. Neeti says that won’t happen. Sanju said he can never love anyone. He married Pari. Bebe says to forget everything. What do you want? She says I want my Sanju. Bebe says Pari will trap Sanju as she did to Gurinder. She is very clever. Neeti says how do I stop Pari? Bebe says last time we. Neeti says I can’t do that to anyone. Bebe says I have one way. It’s 11, we have the entire day. We can kick her out today. Neeti says people here would never let her go. Bebe says do as I say and she will be out of this house by 8. Do as I say. Neeti says okay.

Scene 3
Pari wears the necklace Gurinder gave her. She says I wish she gave it to Neeti but she would be hurt. Her friend Palak calls her. She asks how is it? You are giving birth to Neeti’s place. I think you’re ruining your life. Tell Neeti everything and go away from this house. Pari says one way or other I end up coming back here. Simi calls here downstairs.

Pandit ji asks the parents of the kid to come for havan. Gurinder sends Pari. Pari says Neeti is the child’s mother. I am only giving birth to him. Pami says Pari is right. Can both of them sit? Pandit ji says yes they can. They can sit on both sides of Sanju.

Episode ends

Precap-Bebe says why is Pari sitting with sanju? Is she Sanju’s wife? Neeti asks Sanju is Pari your wife?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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