Parineeti 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari notices change in Neeti’s behavior

Parineeti 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neeti says even mummy ji appreciated her today. Bebe says I am with you. I know a way that Pari will be hated by everyone. I will tell you everything. Neeti says I don’t want to kill her. Bebe says I won’t do that this time. Do you agree to shake hands with me? This is the only way to take out Pari from your life. Neeti says I am ready, tell me the plan.

Pari asks Chandrika what are you thininig? She says how long have you been friends? She says we are friends since childhood. We are like sisters. We have made each other many promises and will always keep them. Chandrika says her nature has changed a bit. Her behavior looks different. Pari says why did you feel that way? She says she looks a little stressed and her moods are. Pari says tell me the detail. She says you both are Sanju’s wives. Pari says Sanju only loves Neeti. She says I am worried about you. Pari says? She says Neeti’s nature has changed. I feel like she has some doubts about you. She doesn’t like you anymore. She ignores you. That bond isn’t there.

Bebe says you have to change Neeti. You have to become smarter than Pari. She acts innocent and then plays. Neeti says I could never see her reality. Bebe says it’s your fault. But now you have to fix it. You’ve to kick her out of this house. Chandrika says have you not seen any change in her behavior? Pari says yes but that’s because she’s stressed. Bebe says I always told you to keep Pari away from your family and husband. Neeti says I was blinded. I bought her back to this house. I trusted her. She cries. Bebe says don’t cry. Think about your revenge and kicking her out now. Neeti asks her about the plan. Bebe tells her something in their ear.

Scene 2
At night, Monty asks Mohit and Amit what are you both working on? Pami doesn’t alow work at home. Rajiv says let us work. You don’t work. He says I entertain so many girls. This house is so boring now. Amit says we have become responsible now. Rajiv says you’re a kid. Monty says the only responsible person in this house is Pari. She brought you out of jail. Sanju says she saved my life and career. I liked her but not the way she deserved it. I have to think of something to thank her with. Gurinder comes. Sh says I am not sleepy. Amit says chill with only. Sanju asks is everything okay? She says I am very stressed about what happened. Sanju says I am back home. Everythign will be fine. She says Pari did such a huge favor to us. She always stands for this family. She is very nice. She’s like a devi. Sanju hugs her. Amit says such an emotional MIL she is today. Gurinder says I can cry for her. Gurinder says to Sanju I have always said bad things to Pari. I want to fix everything. Amit says to sit with Pari and thank her. Gurinder says I wish I could return her family and happiness back to her.

Pari thinks about Neeti. She recalls their moments and Neeti’s recent behavior. Pami comes to her. Pami asks what happened. She says I am fine. Pami says I called you my daughter. I can see your tears. Pari says I was just thinking. Pami says I know you’re stressed about something. Tell me. She says actually Neeti’s behavior has changed a bit. Chandrika also thought the same. She wasn’t like this at all before. She is either stressed about the reports tomorrow. Pami says everything will be fine. I also feel she’s changed a bit. But after this child, everything will be fine. Pari says I am worried for her. Pammi says there aren’t people like you. You are always worried about others. I am always worried for you. I hope you also get the love you deserve. Pari says you all are with me. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Episode ends

Precap-Sanju reads the reports. He says it says the child is fine in Pari’s womb. Pami says because of Pari this house has a happy moment again. THis calls for a celebration. Sanju dances with Pari. Neeti looks at them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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