Molkki 2 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Nirma is Kumud

Molkki 2 16th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhoomi gets ready. The maid says Pallavi sent this kamarband and said Suraj will make you wear it. Bhoomi tries to wear it herself. Suraj ties it to her waist. Suraj gets a call and says I am coming right away. Bhoomi starts the pooja. Nirma also comes. Bhoomi says you look very good today. Pallavi says let’s do the pooja. She says we will make pairs. Who will be your pair? She says Nirma didi. They sit for the pooja. Bhoomi says the best thing about my husband is that he trusts me. Nirma says my husband does what I as him. Bhoomi says then why do you live separately?

Surja comes home. He’s badly beaten. Everyone rushes to him. Bhoomi asks Suraj how did this happen? He says I am fine. Bhoomi goes with Suraj. Nirma says how did this happen? Bhoomi asks what happened. He says I fell off the bike. Bhoomi applies medicine to his wounds. He says in his heart she is so nice and we keep lying to her.

Scene 2
Suraj says I took the photo from Sangram today but one day or another the truth will come out. she says you did the right thing. We have to keep her in dark and do what we want. He says you want it. Nirma says we’re doing this for the family. You will break Bhoomi’s fast and do all rituals with her. She is dizzy. Suraj says you fasted in this condition. She says I am fine. Go pray with Bhoomi. Bhoomi gives everyone arti. Maniya comes there. She tells Bhoomi Sangram and Suraj had a fight. Sangram is in hospital. Bhoomi says but Surja said he fell from the bike. Why did they have the fight? Maniya says he was coming to tell you Kumud’s truth. Kumud is alive. Bhoomi says what? She says yes Sangram had their wedding photo. Suraj tore the photo. He gave these torn pieces to me. I couldn’t tie her face. Bhoomi says I only see saree. Sangram is a liar. We shouldn’t trust him.

They see someone coming in wearing the same saree as the picture. Bhoomi says it’s the same saree. The woman goes inside. It’s Nirma. Bhoomi is shocked. Nirma faints. Everyone rushes to her. Surja runs to her saying, Kumud. Bhoomi is shocked. Suraj gives her water. Everyone calls her Kumud. They take her inside. Bhoomi and Maniya are shocked. Suraj gives her water and says Kumud open your eyes. Bhoomi recalls everything. Nirma gets up and says I am fine. Suraj makes her drink water.

Bhoomi says Nirma didi you’re Kumud? Suraj’s first wife? You said she passed away. You can’t lie to me. Is all this a dream? Please tell me. Please tell me the truth. Why is everyone silent? Urvashi comes in and says they will be silent. They are hiding their sins. Answer Bhoomi. She says yes they all hid ti from you and lied to you. I will tell you the truth. Nirma is Kumud, your sautan. Bhoomi is shocked. She says the entire family lied and trapped you. They married 8 years ago. Before marriage Nirma’s name was Kumud. They’re all liars. Bhoomi is shocked. Pallavi says stop it. Urvashi says today is my day. You all will listen, right Nirma? Kumud? This same family kicked me out and called me the second woman and brought a second wife for Suraj today. You all fooled this girl and ruined her life. She says they’re all liars. They misused your condition. Suraj hit Sangram when he tried to tell you the truth. Nirma ordered Suraj to make you his molkki.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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