Molkki 2 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi wonders if Kumud is alive

Molkki 2 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikas asks Bhoomi to switch on the light. She goes there He says now she will get the shock. Rimjhim stops Bhomi and says come with me. Can you stitch Suraj’s shirt’s button? Bhoomi stitches Suraj’s shirt. She asks Rimjhim to turn on the light. Rimjhim screams. Vikas says looks like Bhoomi got the shock. Rimjhim is shocked. Suraj and Bhoomi pick her up. Vikas comes there. He’s shocked. Pallavi says I’ll take her to the hospital.

Rimjhim, come back. They pick her. Rimjhim says I am fine. Suraj asks her to rest. Nirma says to Bhoomi don’t worry. She says the doctor in the hospital said Suraj’s wife got tested 6 months ago. He said I am his wife. But Kumud died 2 years ago. Nirma says it could be confusion. Kumud died 2 years ago. Nirma comes upstairs. She says thank God he said Mrs. Thakur so I said it could be confusing. Thank God he didn’t take Kumud’s name. We have to be careful and ensure she never finds out the truth.

Scene 2
Suraj’s phone rings. Bhoomi looks for him. Nirma says to Suraj Bhoomi made this art with Kumud’s name. She’s your wife now. Try to move out of the past. He says my only wife is Kumud. Nirma, you have to move out of your past. Focus on your marriage with Bhoomi now. Suraj says the one who doesn’t value her own married lie is teaching me about marriage and life. He leaves. Bhoomi comes there. She says what was Suraj saying? Are you married? She says yes. Bhoomi says I never saw sindur in your hairline and mangal sutra. She says my marriage wasn’t right so I stay away from my husband and don’t wear all this. Bhoomi says you’re very nice but how. She says don’t get into my personal life. She leaves. The phone rings again. Bhoomi picks. It’s a doctor. He says I am talking from old age asylum. He forgot his wallet. He came to meet Kumud’s mom. She says what? Her mom is in the asylum? He says yes. He says yes she was also saying Kumud should bring jalebi tomorrow. Bhoomi says but Kumud she.. she. The doctor hangs up. Bhoomi says what was he saying? Bhoomi isn’t alive. She collies with Pallavi.

Bhoomi wonders what is going on. She says I’ve to go and meet Kumud’s mom. Bhoomi asks Pallavi do you go to meet Kumud’s mom? She says yes I go there. I meet her. Her condition isn’t good. We didn’t tell her Kumud isn’t alive. Bhoomi says I am glad you guys are taking care of her. I thought she was alive. But how can you all hide anything from me? Pallavi says you should focus on your marriage. I want you to fast for Suraj.

Scene 3
Bhoomi does the ritual with Pallavi. They plant the tree to pray for their husbands. Nirma comes as well. Bhoomi says you will also do this ritual. She says yes I don’t live wit my husband because our ways are different but to pray for his life is my faith. Bhoomi says you are so wise. Will he come today? I would like to meet him. Nirma says go get ready. Bhoomi leaves. Nirma says Bhoomi considers me her sister and she does what I ask. We will keep her in dark and make her do all that we want.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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