Junooniyat 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahaan and Jordan try to stop the marriage

Junooniyat 17th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Baljeet saying everything is fine here, we don’t have much expenses and your mum is fine. Jahaan thinks dad won’t tell his problems, I have to find another job. Baljeet asks how was the holi, you focus on your dreams. Jahaan ends call. He goes to see Ilahi. He plays the mouth organ. Ilahi hears it and shuts her ears. He puts the laser projector lights in her room. Ilahi comes out to see him.

Kareeb hai….plays… They see each other. He apologizes. She cries. He says its my promise to bring lights in your life. Ilahi sits crying and prays. Happy asks Amar to drink a little and celebrate. He ties up Amar and feeds him the alcohol. He says no one can stop this marriage now. Amar falls down. Jahaan asks what’s happening. Dharmender says Mata ki chowki, then mehendi and marriage. Jahaan says do something, Ilahi has dreams, she wants to sing and win the competition. Dharmender says Ilahi won’t go against her Biji, she can’t refuse, nothing can happen. Jahaan says that guy can refuse, do you know his name. Jordan says his name is Ranjeet, find out everything about him. Dharmender gives Ranjeet’s address to him.

Jordan says I want such info about Ranjeet that the girl’s family breaks the marriage. The detective agrees. Jordan says your marriage will break tomorrow. Jahaan says Ilahi don’t worry, your heart and dream won’t break. He leaves. Ranjeet dances with his friends and drinks. Sapne me milti hai…plays… Jahaan comes there and hears him. Jasmin comes and says congrats, I heard you are getting married, your gift will reach you, what about my work. Ranjeet says it will be done, don’t worry. She leaves. Ranjeet dances. Jahaan is in disguise. He thinks I should get a proof against Ranjeet, then this marriage will break. He checks Ranjeet’s room for a proof. Ilahi prays and gets Mata chunri. She ties the chunri and prays. Jahaan goes to the storeroom. Shikha is tied up there.

He sees Ranjeet coming and goes. Ranjeet sees the door knob. He says a rat is dead inside, I have to lock the door. He goes to drink more alcohol. Jahaan gets a work call. He says I m coming. He leaves from here. He hears a girl’s cry and stops. Shikha cries. Jahaan goes from there. Ilahi prays to Matarani for her dream. Jahaan goes to the room. Ranjeet asks who is there. Jahaan runs and falls down.

Jahaan gets Shikha’s bag tag. Jordan shouts on the detective. The man says someone can give us info about Ranjeet.

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